Mount Nebo—Glorious

Cycle Queensland, Road Ride, Mount Nebo to Mount Glorious

This ride up to Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious is a great way to escape the city for a few hours and to enjoy the natural rain forest environment to the west of Brisbane. It is a challenging ride and should not be considered unless you are confident in your ability for such a test. While tough in places, the views, as you climb, back over your shoulder towards Samford Valley and Moreton Bay certainly compensate for the discomfort experienced. For the most part, the climb is a steady affair. There are few short steep sections so it really is a climb where you can find a rhythm and settle in to pedal your way to the top just as fast as you wish.


The start is at the western end of Waterworks Road. This road runs into Musgrave Road that starts just north of the city centre and is best accessed via either Hale Street or the Inner City Bypass.

Food and Drink

There are a couple of options as you pass through Mount Nebo village, both serving good coffee and snacks. Alternatively, at the very top of Mount Glorious, try Maiala Rainforest Teahouse – a regular with cyclists, motorcyclists and tourists alike.

Side Trip

Brisbane Vineyard along Mount Nebo Road is developing a reputation for its range of Dr Red products. Try their wines, punches and liqueurs; infused with local ingredients providing health benefits. There are free wine tastings on weekends and most public holidays.

More Details

Mount Nebo

On a weekend, from mid-morning onwards, the ascent can be over-run with motorcycles. It is one of the most popular motorcycle routes in Australia. For this reason, it is best to get out early and to enjoy the roads while there is minimal traffic with just the natural symphony of the birds in the surrounding D’Aguilar Forest.

Jollys Lookout after 17.4km is a great place to rest and admire the view. The park here is named after Brisbane’s first Lord Mayor, William Jolly, was built in 1930 and is the mountain’s oldest lookout.

Mount Nebo village, at 589m above sea level, is a pleasant collection of houses with a handful of services. The cafés here comes highly recommended and it is a popular destination for cyclists on most days of the week but especially on a weekend. Many riders will often stop here before turning around for home but the extra effort to continue to the top and Mount Glorious is worth it.

Mount Glorious

As the climb continues upwards, the weather can change quickly and it’s not uncommon to start the climb in beautiful sunshine but find yourself in low cloud near the top. Make sure you have adequate clothes with you just in case (especially for the descent).

Once you reach Maiala Rainforest Teahouse in Mount Glorious, you are at the turning point. If you haven’t already, enjoy a coffee and sweet treat. This is often the destination for many of the motorcyclists, so again it is best to set out early to beat the rush.

The descent towards Samford can be a little precarious, especially towards the top, and the warning signs highlighting its steepness are there for a reason. The road has recently been resurfaced so it is in very good condition. A number of tight corners double back on themselves and cyclists should take extra precautions until the road begins to level out into the Samford Valley. Traffic is generally very light along this section of the route.

The ride ends passing through Samford village, Camp Mountain and Ferny Grove before turning right on to Settlement Road, and into The Gap, back to the start. This road has a nasty little climb just at the end but once over the top, it is downhill all the way.


Ride Log

    • 0.0 Starting on Waterworks Rd, just after the junction with Settlement Rd, head west. Within the first few pedal strokes you will feel the start of the climb. Engage a small gear and settle in for the duration.
    • 1.4 On your left you will pass the Brisbane Forest Park HQ and Information Centre. Stop off here to have a look for any details about the region that might interest you.
    • 2.0 As the road bends to the left, the gradient begins to increase as Waterworks Rd becomes Mt Nebo Rd and the climb proper begins.
    • 17.4 Pass on your left D’Aguilar (Jollys Lookout) National Park. If you are in need of a rest and it is a clear day, this lookout offers stunning views back to Brisbane and Moreton Bay.
    • 19.5 Pass through Mt Nebo Village with the Mt Nebo Café on your left. This is a great stop to refuel and enjoy a coffee before finishing the climb.
    • 21.3 As the road begins to descend, take care as some of the corners are easy to misjudge.
    • 28.5 To your right is the turn off for Mt Glorious Rd and Samford Village. If you are exhausted, you can turn here but to complete the ride and finish the climb of Mt Glorious, continue on ahead — almost there!
    • 31.1 Top of the climb at Maiala Rainforest Teahouse. If you haven’t already refuelled, enjoy a well earned rest here before starting the descent back the way you just rode.
    • 33.5 Turn left off Mt Nebo Rd on to Mt Glorious Rd. The signs ahead read “Steep descent” and they do so with just cause. Extra caution should be taken over the next 5km as the road drops away quickly.
    • 38.4 The road begins to level out through Samford Valley.
    • 49.3 At the roundabout in Samford Village, take the second exit on to Samford Rd to ride through Brisbane Forest Park.
    • 58.2 Turn right on to Settlement Rd. Use caution moving across the road to the right lane to turn here.
    • 62.0 Turn right on to Waterworks Rd to return to the starting point.
    • 62.4 End of the ride
    • Trail map

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      59.48 km / 36.959 mi

      Total Distance

      1,389 m / 4,558 ft

      Total Ascent

      1,350 m / 4,429 ft

      Total Descent

      588 m / 1,930 ft

      Highest Point

      Ride type:
      Mountain biking
      Road riding
      Rail Trail
      EPIC Ride
      Difficulty: Intermediate (Red)
      Ride Duration: 2-4 hrs
      Fitness Level: High
      Shared Bike Path - Paved
      Shared Bike Path - Dirt
      On-Road Bike Lane
      Off-Road - Fire Trail
      Off-Road - Rail Trail
      Off-Road - Single Track
      Off-Road - Downhill
      Gravel Road
      Mobile Coverage: Limited
      First Aid
      Bike hire
      Bike servicing
      Accessible by bike
      Accessible by car
      Accessible by public transport
      Accessible by shuttle
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