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506 m
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The Pyrenees 100 Ride


The name of this ride might be misleading as it doesn’t quite make it to the 100 kilometers, but a short ride around Avoca will fix that last 0.7. You could also do what the Maryborough Audax Club do for the Pyrenees Magic Ride, which is held every November over the same route. They just tack a bit on the Elmhurst - Glenpatrick Road. There is nothing to say about this ride, but that it is fantastic; good riding roads, great scenery, a few good hills, and an easy finish, with great food and hospitality choices.


Made country roads. The Sunraysia Highway has a good shoulder, but the Pyrenees Highway is not so good.

The busiest section of road is on the Sunraysia Highway but it’s fairly safe. As for the rest, apart from the Pyrenees Highway the roads are extremely quiet.


Avoca is 183 kilometers from Melbourne on the Western Highway via the freeway around Ballarat. Once past Ballarat, turn off onto the Sunraysia Highway (B220) traveling through Learmonth, Waubra and Lexton. The ride commences in the center car park next to the Pyrenees Winery information board in the main street. VicRoads Map: 556 D4.

Food and Drink

Avoca has some great little bakeries and cafes and there are general stores at Moonambel, Landsborough and Amphitheatre, and a few country pubs along the way that serve food. Of course, there are wineries everywhere; names like Blue Pyrenees, Dalwhinnie, Mount Avoca, Redbank, Taltarni and Warrenmang, just to mention a few. Warrenmang, just out of Moonambel has an award-winning restaurant and equally superb accommodation.

Side Trip

There is a short ride out to Mt. Avoca, which is well signed from Duke Street in Avoca. At the foot of the mountain, there is a nice picnic area. You could also continue along the Elmhurst – Glenpatrick Road after leaving Elmhurst riding up to the tiny hamlet of Glenpatrick, nestled in the hills, about 10 kilometers return.

More Details

The ride commences in Avoca and heads north out of town over the railway line and into the countryside, with the Pyrenees Ranges on the western flank. You turn onto the Moonambel Road and soon come to the first of the snug little towns that dot this ride. Leaving town you pass by Summerfield Winery, then Warren¬mang and a number of others. From this point, the road begins to rise for a bit of a haul to cross the first range, but you are rewarded on the other side. When you come to the Landsborough Road follow it as it winds to the left, downhill around the side of the range.

This section of road to Lands¬borough rolls along with one small outcrop range to cross over. Approaching Landsborough you enter farmland and come onto the Ararat-St Arnaud Road. Leaving Landsborough you pass the modest house of sculptor Kevin Free, which is surrounded by his curvaceous creations. Buy one and tie it to your racks. The next climb lies ahead and is the only section of the route that has any significant gradient, but it’s only a short section. Coming down the other side through bushland, you emerge into a pretty valley surrounded by the ranges and through Glenlofty.

Passing through some more rolling country, the ride climbs up across another shoulder of the range, down and across the Wimmera River, up and across the railway line to meet the Pyrenees Highway. Turning left you are not far from Elmhurst where the pub doubles as a milk bar. Toward the end of the town, you turn left down Clarke Street, cross over the railway line again and head toward the ranges.

When you come to Sandy Lane turn right or go further up the road to clock some more km’s, even as far as Glenpatrick if you want. Back on Sandy Lane you eventually come back to the highway. From here on it’s a direct route back to Avoca via Amphitheatre. When you reach the Sunraysia Highway after passing over the Avoca River, turn left and you’re within sight of the finish.

Ride Log

  • 0.0 Leave the car park, turning right.
  • 0.4 This is the turnoff for the Mt Avoca side trip.
  • 2.6 Follow the highway to the left.
  • 12.4 As the road curves right go to the left toward Landsborough, following the Wine Tour sign.
  • 13.4 Take care crossing this small bridge, as there is no shoulder.
  • 18.2 You are coming into Moonambel.
  • 21.1 Here is the turnoff to Warrenmang Winery. There are a number of wineries along this section of road.
  • 23.0 The start of the first long and steady climb that cuts through the ranges.
  • 26.4 You have crested the first range.
  • 36.1 Follow the left road toward Landsborough.
  • 38.8 You crest the ridgeline with a view across to the Grampians.
  • 44.2 The road joins the St Arnaud road. Continue ahead to Landsborough.
  • 44.6 As you ride into town, notice the old 1863 homestead.
  • 50.0 There are lots of vineyards in this section as you start to go up the side of the range
  • 53.0 It starts to get steep here.
  • 55.4 This is the steepest part of ride, but not for long.
  • 55.9 You crest the range, riding through thick bushland full of kangaroos, parrots and other bird life.
  • 59.4 The road swings into the valley and you pass the old house that represents the town of Glenlofty.
  • 62.0 The road narrows and starts to climb again passing over a small ridge, turning to the north and back into the valley.
  • 65.3 The ride crosses a one-lane bridge before rising up again.
  • 67.5 Cross the railway line and turn left onto the highway. There is not much of a shoulder so stay single file.
  • 68.8 You are entering Elmhurst.
  • 69.7 Turn left at Clarke St to Glenpatrick, following the road as it heads over the railway line.
  • 73.6 Turn right onto Sandy Lane, or ride up the road a bit to get your km’s up.
  • 76.9 The lane rejoins the highway. Turn left onto the narrow shoulder and scoot down the long hillside.
  • 85.1 You have arrived in Amphitheatre and flat roads.
  • 98.0 You come into Avoca.
  • 98.0 You come into Avoca.
  • 98.8 Cross over the Avoca River bridge and turn left onto the Sunraysia Hwy.
  • 99.3 Turn right into median strip car park and the finish.
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Mountain biking
Road riding
Rail Trail
Fitness Level:
Ultra Fit
Shared Bike Path - Paved
Shared Bike Path - Dirt
On-Road Bike Lane
Off-Road - Fire Trail
Off-Road - Rail Trail
Off-Road - Single Track
Off-Road - Double Track
Off-Road - Downhill
Gravel Road
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First Aid
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