12.41 km
122 m
114 m
20 m
1-2 hrs
Hillarys to Burns Beach Ride


No road, just smooth new pathways and stunning views all the way. This is a really attractive ride. Starting out at Hillarys Boat Harbour at Sorrento Quay you head left along the bike path that skirts Whitfords Avenue. It quickly takes you back towards the beach which you can hear and see glimpses of through the bush, but the best is yet to come. The path is a bit sandy in places as the wind moves the dunes across in a never-ending migration.

Pretty soon the path and view improve and newcomers to Perth will have a bit of a giggle at some of the beach names such as Mullaloo inland from Wanneroo. Like many places around Perth, the name comes from an Aboriginal one, Moolalloo Point. Apparently, the name translates to “rat-kangaroo” which is interesting as such a thing exists, the Quokka, that is now only found in a few isolated spots along the coast and Rottnest Island. It was pretty barren out here until the late 1950s when suburbia started to crawl closer and it still has a holiday like feel today.

One of the next major sites along the coast you come to is Ocean Reef, the small harbor and boat ramps to be more precise. This could be a quiet part of an idyllic fishing village, though when the wind is calm and the fish are biting I’m sure it’s mayhem around these five ramps. Perth’s suburbs have spread beyond here, but it still has a quiet feel.

The path stops and then restarts after the boat ramps as the newest section commences to take you to Burns Beach. This beach starts just before the caravan park but the path goes on for nearly a kilometer more with hopefully extra to come as the suburbs extend. This whole area used to be a camping reserve and health resort used by nearby residents in the 1920s who named it in honor of a local sheep farmer called “Burns”.


Undulating mostly along cycle paths and bike lanes. Entirely on bike paths, some are a bit rough at the start, but smooth out into some of the newest, smoothest paths in town.


Hillarys Boat Harbour is just 20 minutes north of the city. You can get there easily by car along Marmion Avenue with plenty of parking available.

Food and Drink

Sorrento Quay at Hillarys Boat Harbour is teeming with choices for food and drink, every taste and every budget is catered for although the smaller places are generally the best. There’s nothing like watching boats gentling bobbing up and down to aid digestion.

More details

You can ride to the start from further south such as City Beach or Cottesloe. For less activity try AQWA also part of Sorrento Quay (down on the southern side), an incredible giant aquarium or get the screams going at the kid’s theme park and water slides.

Ride Log

  • 0.0 Starting at the Hillarys marina head out toward the main vehicle exit.
  • 0.1 At the roundabout, get onto the bike path heading alongside Whitfords Ave and head north.
  • 0.5 At Northside Dr the path heads back towards the ocean.
  • 0.9 Head north up the coast past the Hillarys lookout.
  • 2.1 Enjoy the view as the path goes around a small headland and continues north.
  • 5.0 As you go past the Mullaloo Surf Lifesaving Club the path is of a lower quality but still useable.
  • 7.5 The path stops briefly as you go through the boat launching area at Ocean Reef.
  • 7.6 On the other side of the carpark the path recommences and continues north.
  • 7.7 This is a nice new section of path that provides great ocean views.
  • 11.1 Past the Burns Caravan Park you’re nearly there.
  • 11.8 For now the end of the path. Enjoy the views and park land.
Ride type:
Mountain biking
Road riding
Rail Trail
Fitness Level:
Ultra Fit
Shared Bike Path - Paved
Shared Bike Path - Dirt
On-Road Bike Lane
Off-Road - Fire Trail
Off-Road - Rail Trail
Off-Road - Single Track
Off-Road - Downhill
Gravel Road
Mobile Coverage:
First Aid
Bike hire
Bike servicing
Accessible by bike
Accessible by car
Accessible by public transport
Accessible by shuttle

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