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Canberra Park and Pedal - City Walk


The Canberra Park and Pedal – City Walk is not only a pleasant but also a green and healthy trail. This is the ride that you cannot say no. You will find yourself along Molonglo River, passing green spaces for more than half of the ride before reaching the heart of Canberra CBD. Moreover, you can get off at any time to reach your workplace. The ride will guide you around the heart of Canberra when scrolling round the Park and the City Walk. The hectic of the city together with the refreshing air and environment from the Park really paid off for the commuting ride.


It is mainly along the shared paved path and then on the dedicated City Cycle Route along Marcus Clarke Street. There are some sloping parts that you need to be aware of. For example, the road climbs significantly when passing Black Mountain Peninsula. The terrain is higher when coming near to the CBD. However, the rest of the ride is relative flat.


From the Park and Pedal Carpark, and facing the lake you turn left onto the shared path. Follow it for approx. 6.3 km turn left onto and over a bridge that crosses Parkes Way. Go straight ahead and follow the City Cycle Loop on Marcus Clarke Street. Turn right at Alinga Street where you will need to ride on either the footpath or the road. Follow Alinga, cross Northbourne and then cross Mort Street and you will arrive at City Walk, right in the center of the City!

Food and drink

Unfortunately, there is nearly no food service along Parkes Way. You need to reach the Canberra Center to find your first fine place to have a meal or snack. But is it worth the wait since bunch of restaurants and bars are waiting for you at the destination.

When you enter Marcus Clarke Street, you probably see Mocan and Green Grout first. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or eat a delicious meal there. It is also a bike maker belonging to Goodspeed Bicycle Co.

If you want to spoil yourself with luxury dishes, be a guest at Capital Grill and Bar Restaurant which is just a few cycles away from the Mocan and Green Grout. Their dishes are sure to make your stomach growling for food.

Closer to the finish line, there are plenty of restaurants such as the Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Capital Pancakes and King O'Malley's for you to dive into tasty meals.

More details

When riding a bike you should always be aware of the environment around you and the status of the path and route. Caution is required and you should not rely on the information on this web page to protect your safety. Our information is to help guide you on the direction - but it does not contain a comprehensive listing of all the safety issues you may face.

In Canberra, there are animals such as kangaroos that sometimes wander onto the track including kangaroos and branches and loose matter such as sticks, rocks and soil. Likewise, you should be vigilant at all intersections. If you need to travel on the road, please be aware of all your surroundings including people potentially opening doors in front of you and cars approaching intersections. Defensive riding is recommended at all times.

Ride type:
Mountain biking
Road riding
Rail Trail
Fitness Level:
Ultra Fit
Shared Bike Path - Paved
Shared Bike Path - Dirt
On-Road Bike Lane
Off-Road - Fire Trail
Off-Road - Rail Trail
Off-Road - Single Track
Off-Road - Double Track
Off-Road - Downhill
Gravel Road
Mobile Coverage:
First Aid
Bike hire
Bike servicing
Accessible by bike
Accessible by car
Accessible by public transport
Accessible by shuttle

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