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You fill out a business profile, add your brand as a photo and set your business terms. Depending on your business you can transact directly online with cycling tourists. Connect a account with ease. We have resources to help you promote your business and its services. Hit the chat button to talk to a business rep now.

2. List your products or services

We support everyone in the bike tourism industry

Bike tours Bike events Individual guides
From 14 day 5 star tours along the French Riviera to 3 day weekends in the Colorado Rockies. List the bike tours your company offers. From Grand Fondos to a local MTB race. Attract more entrants and spectators. Start your own tour guide business and show tourists around your local area. Create a unique experience just for them.


Bike rentals Biking lessons Accommodation
Bike share companies, hotel bike rentals and spare bikes sitting around the garage. Get your bikes into the right hands. Help riders become better, more confident and faster on their metal steed. Pass on your wisdom and knowledge. Independent B&B, hotels and major chains or cross promote your AirBnB listing.


Coffee and food Transport Bike shops
Bikes and coffee are like cookies and cream...they just go together. Promote your cafe's cycle friendly features and atmosphere. From shuttle runs up and down the MTB park, to fully supporting a self-guided tour. Get your transport service listed. Cyclists love looking at new bikes and gear no matter where they are.

3. Cyclists find your listing and use your services

We surface your business to users as they use trails and routes.

Pre trip In destination On route
Cyclists search and explore destinations and their rides and trails and identify local businesses like yours as part of their experience. While in dstination cyclists identify those businesses that are cycle friendly and meet their needs. We market your business and your offers directly to cyclists as they ride routes and trails. Based on your proximity to their position.

4. Welcome your customers

Chat to your customers using our online messaging system.

How users pay How you get paid Earnings and fees
users pay securely via which supports Visa and Mastercard. You get paid via your connected account. We don't even get in the road, our users pay your directly, we never touch your cash. Listing your business and your products and services is free. Compared to referral marketing rates in the tourism industry our 10% fees are low, low, low.

5. Grow your Business

Use our promotional tools and resources to attract and retain valuable cycle tourists.

Social media reach Offers and promotions Email promotion
Make use of our growing social media reach. Bootstrap directly into a targeted customer demographic. Create custom offers and promotions for CycleLifeHQ members. We attract them to your business by pushing your custom offers based on our users' proximity. Make use of our growing user base and market directly to them via email. Promote your services, offers and discounts




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