Showcase rides in 3D

Showcase rides in 3D

At CycleLifeHQ, we believe it is critical to showcase the best cycling assets of your location. These could be bike rides, tours or cycle-friendly businesses.

I live in and love Canberra. Sure, it's a bit cold in winter. But it has some of the best cycling in the world.

Not convinced? Let me show you.

Lake Burley Griffin 32km cycle loop in 3D

This video showcases one of my favourite rides around Lake Burley Griffin. Unlike other ride videos, this one is filmed in 3D.

We've started using 3D filming technologies to help businesses, tourism companies and tour operators show off what's great about their location.

We love it because it provides insight into what a ride looks like before you leave the house. You can be fully prepared for your ride and (hopefully) avoid surprises.

Plan your next Canberra bike ride

If this 3D video was enough to convince you to come to Canberra on a cycling trip, here's some information to help plan your trip.

Canberra bike hire

Try Cycle Canberra, which can even deliver your bike to your hotel. You could also try Spinway Canberra, which has multiple automated bike rental machines around the city.

Cycle-friendly Canberra hotels

Hotel Hotel in New Acton is one of the best cycle-friendly hotels in town. It's close to Lake Burley Griffin, and it has ten Goodspeed bikes for guests to ride around on. The bikes are free and also come with a lock and helmet.

For all the details about the full 32km Lake Burley Griffin bike ride loop, check out the complete CycleLifeHQ listing

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