What does a bike-friendly business look like?

What does a bike-friendly business look like?

Lessons from PwC Indigenous Consulting

It takes effort to build a bike-friendly business.

Lately, I’ve been reading the work of Mark Ames, from Strategic Cities. Mark is a prolific writer and thinker in areas relating to bike-friendly cities and bike-friendly businesses.

He’s inspired me to think about the current state of affairs in Australia regarding:

  • Commuting by bike
  • What it means for a business to make their workplace bike- and commute-friendly

While there are many ingredients to a bike-friendly business, two are pretty important.

1. Dedicated bike lanes

Fortunately, I live in Canberra. This means I can commute to work with 95 percent of the route on dedicated bike paths. The jaw-dropping natural and built scenery are a bonus.

2. Bike-friendly facilities

In addition to my CycleLifeHQ role, I have the privilege of advising PWC Indigenous Consulting. It’s a profit-for-purpose firm that exists to realise futures through Indigenous-led approaches.

PWC Indigenous Consulting is totally inspiring. It also has some great cycle- friendly facilities.

Without wanting you to get green with jealousy … check it out 

Secure, lockable facilities

It’s fantastic to see bikes stored securely – on racks – indoors.

Bike-friendly access

A simple ramp next to the flight of stairs makes transporting bikes easy.

Showers, toilets and lockers

You’d be surprised at the number of workplaces that don’t offer basic bike-friendly facilities like showers. These are nice to boot.

Shared bike equipment

Bike maintenance and quick fixes are simple with on-site tools, pumps and tubes.

A towel service!

Saddle up and behold a TOWEL SERVICE!!!  Yep, you get a fresh towel every day. After you shower, you just pop it into the laundry …

I’d love to see your bike-friendly facilities … show me your photos in the comments, or post a photo on the CycleLifeHQ Facebook page.

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