What's your favourite cycling memory?

What's your favourite cycling memory?

Do you remember that first time you fell in love with your bike and riding? That feeling of sheer joy. That feeling of freedom. That feeling of fun. Robin Williams said it best in Dead Poet's Society - carpe diem - seize the day. And that's what CycleLifeHQ is all about. Seizing the day!!

CycleLifeHQ's mission is to improve the quality of cycling experiences. Through this we aim to grow the value of the cycling experience industry with direct benefits to communities and destinations, individuals and the environment.

We do this by providing an open digital platform that lets users find, list, arrange and rate cycling rides.

Discover the world's best cycling destinations

As passionate cyclists ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to find information about the best bike rides. Whether you're looking for a new ride in your hometown, or want to explore a different city on a multi-day journey, we have everything you need to plan your next cycling adventure.

CycleLifeHQ helps cyclists of all skill levels find the best cycling adventures across hundreds of destinations worldwide, including Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Orange County and Chicago.

Promote your destination or tour to thousands of cycling enthusiasts

We also support biking destinations, tour operators and cycling businesses to plan, implement and market cycling campaigns. There are thousands of enthusiastic cyclists ready to explore the world by bike. Let us promote your business within specially-curated bike routes that best showcase your destination to this engaged audience. Find out more about creating and sharing listings on CycleLifeHQ.

Get involved

If you're a cyclist looking for a new cycling route to try, browse our destination list. For cycling destinations and tour operators, sign up today and start promoting your listings.

The starting, and probably the end, point of CycleLifeHQ is about that feeling of joy on the bike. Here are a few photos of me, taken many years ago, with my most awesome yellow chopper.

What are your best memories of your bike - pictures or words would be great!


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