Infographic: Tips for attracting millennial cycling customer

Infographic: Tips for attracting millennial cycling customer

I do love a good infographic. Not as much as my ride tomorrow morning, but still, infographics are great when done well.

Here's one I found recently that ticks all the right boxes.

Born between 1981 and 1997, millennials are the largest generation in human history. As this infographic from Skidmore Studio shows, millennials also love to travel.

According to the infographic, of the 83 million millennials in the United States, 100 percent had travelled in the past year.

The average millennial takes 4.2 trips per year, compared to 2.9 for older generations.

Millennials do most of their research online, book using mobile devices, and seek experiences rather than souvenirs. Around 78 percent are looking for active vacations, as opposed to lazing around a resort the pool for a week.

While these statistics are specific to the United States, we'd say it's a similar story for Australian millennials.

What does this mean for cycling experience providers?

Cycling experience providers need to get digital!

With a passion for travel, adventure and excitement, millennials are a cycling businesses' perfect clientele.

The problem: 40 percent of millennial men, and 30 percent of millennial women, say that ideally, they would prefer to buy everything online. And according to Google, about two-thirds of younger travellers are comfortable planning an entire trip on a smartphone.

Millennial customers are unlikely to find your business by picking up a brochure. They probably won't call your office to make a booking.

Make it easy for millennials to discover your business online. As a digital marketplace for bike rides, bike tours and related activities, we help businesses like yours get set up and reach target audiences for free.

With a listing on CycleLifeHQ, your business will reach the growing number of millennial customers who want to explore the world by bike. You can set started in minutes, with no upfront fees. The benefit? Millennial mayhem for your business 

For more information about how CycleLifeHQ can enhance your business' cycle tourism strategy, contact us today.

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