How cycling creates jobs in your local community

How cycling creates jobs in your local community

One of the goals of CycleLifeHQ is to capitalise on new technologies and business models and enable communities to truly benefit from cycling. It is a platform that provides local communities and local businesses the opportunity to list their cycling experiences for free on our platform and create a living.

It's kind of like the AirBnB of cycling experiences.

I am also embracing the opportunities for cycling to create jobs in my local community – actually in my very own home:)

The picture is of me and my son Tim. Tim has been a serious cyclist and competed globally. He is our ‘digital native’ – great on the design and really good at cutting through messaging.

We are probably about four weeks away from going live with our first beta (look out Canberra!). A lot of work, but lots of fun:)

Quick facts: How cycling builds strong communities and economies

We're not the only ones who believe that cycling has the potential to create jobs, build communities and contribute to our local economy. Research consistently shows that cycling - and the infrastructure that supports it - provides benefits that go beyond health.

Here are some of our favourite findings:

  • Europe's cycling economy has created 650,000 jobs, with the potential for a million new jobs by 2020
  • The average economic benefit-to-cost ratio of walking and cycling initiatives is 13:1
  • A global shift to cycling could cut energy use and urban transportation carbon dioxide emissions by up to 10 percent by 2050 compared to current estimates
  • More cycling and other sustainable transport could reduce road deaths by 30 percent
  • The World Health Organisation says that more than 76,000 jobs could be created if key European cities were more like Copenhagen
  • A study conducted in France found that half of jobs associated with cycling are based on tourism
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