Experience the best of Zurich on a half-day cycling tour

Experience the best of Zurich on a half-day cycling tour

Charles Black is enjoying the sights and sounds of Europe by bicycle. In this post, he shares his highlights from a half-day bike tour of Zurich, Switzerland. 

Over to Charles...

After 24 hours of transit, it was time to 'walk the talk' and live the CycleLifeHQ mission ... to get tourists off the tour bus and onto a bike.

Exploring Zurich with our guide, Bruno

I booked a half-day bike tour of Zurich with Bruno from TopTrek.

Bruno is a very experienced tour guide. He speaks a range of languages and brings the city and its history to life.

What was particularly great was Bruno's desire to find out what we wanted to see and to tailor the tour to our interests.

For me, historical archaeology and urban art are two pet passions and I got those in spades!

The route

For the tour there was Bruno, myself and Ben, a well-travelled cycle tourist from Arizona.

Together we set off on very comfortable Citybikes under grey skies and explored Zurich for a bit over three hours. It rained a bit, but that didn't dampen our spirits :)

The tour crossed the historic centre, which isn't accessible by coaches. (Yet another reason to get off the tour bus and onto a bike!) There, we came face-to-face with Zurich's past and present.

We saw the Arboretum, with the largest collection of succulents in the world. I didn't catch the reaction of Ben from Arizona, but I imagine he was surprises!

We also passed BelvoirparkPlatzspitz and a range of excellent public gardens.

The route meandered along the Limmat and Sihl Rivers, lakeside and into urban districts.

We stopped by a stunning piece of urban art, millipede by OneTruth. As you can see from the photo above, it is spectacular.

As an example of Bruno's ability to tailor the tour, he stopped a cyclist and got him to show us his bike.

Have a close look. Dating back to 1937, this bike is a former military police bicycle. It has been beautifully restored and is used every day. (Cycling history buffs can learn more about this type of bike on the Old Bike website.) Fantastic!

The tour is accessible to people of all fitness levels.

Make sure you are clear with Bruno what you'd like to see, how much you'd like to ride versus talk and have some fun!

Thanks Bruno and Ben for a great day.

The details

  • This tour is best enjoyed in the warmer months, from May to October.
  • Operates Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays
  • Departs 9am
  • Tour length - three hours
  • Available in following languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish

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