Could this be the world's most idyllic ride? Cycling Germany

Could this be the world's most idyllic ride? Cycling Germany

There are many cycling heavens ... and here is one. Reichenau in southern Germany is arguably one of the most idyllic sightseeing rides on the planet.

It is relatively flat and surrounded by stunning views of Lake Constance. Bike paths are well maintained. There are also many cycling-friendly services including restaurants, cafes and fascinating points of interest.

To top it all off, there's an excellent museum describing the island's rich medieval history.

About Reichenau

Reichenau is an island on Germany's Lake Constance. It lies between Gnadensee and Untersee, two parts of Lake Constance, almost due west of the city of Konstanz.

The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway that was completed in 1838. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000 because of its monastery, the Abbey of Reichenau.

The abbey's münster (cathedral) is dedicated to the Virgin and Saint Mark. Two further churches were built on the island consecrated to St Georg, and to Sts Peter and Paul.

The famous artworks of Reichenau include the Ottonian murals of miracles of Christ in St Georg, unique survivals from the 10th century.

The abbey's bailiff was housed in a two-storey stone building that was raised by two more storeys of timber framing in the 14th century, one of the oldest timber-frame buildings in south Germany.

You can hire bikes at Reichenau Yachthafen, the local yacht club and water sports area.

Suggested route

My suggested route is to start from the Reichenau Tourist Information Centre where you can get a map (or use CycleLifeHQ's map!), get some information.

Then ride 15 metres to the local Reichenau Museum and absorb yourself in the rich history of the island.

There is a wonderful interactive and highly professional display that charts the island's monastic history back to 700AD. Superbly presented with fascinating information.

From there, head out to the main cathedral, Reichenau Cathedral. Pay two euro to get into the local museum and see the history and artefacts.

After that, wind your way down to the Reichenau Yacht Club and Water Sports. You can either go for a swim, a beer or an ice cream - or all three :)

After this, wind your way up to Reichenau's Sts Peter and Paul Church.

Check out the local camping and recreation ground Reichenau camping and recreation area and then ascend to Reichenau Hochwart and gardens. Here you will find panoramic views all around the island and beautiful gardens.

Finally, wind your way back through the vineyards to the museum and stop off at Reichenau Museum Cafe for whatever takes your fancy. Great food, drinks and service!

More information about cycling in Reichenau

Like the look of this ride? Check it out in 3D.

You can also read all the details about the Reichenau ride on CycleLifeHQ.

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