From AirPods to AI

How technology is shaping cycling's future Apple AirPods have been met with a lot of angst. But while not everyone may like the wireless design, they are truly revolutionary. The current version has paved the way for technology companies to release us from mobile devices such as iPhones. AirPods are an early forerunner for devices in a world where you can: Communicate seamlessly with AI Get almost real-time connection with anything and everything In the future, wearable devices will be able to track and enable significant advances in your physical and mental health. Logan's Run? Yes -  but without the termination issue when you're a bit old ... How cyclists will benefit from new technologies...From our perspective at CycleLifeHQ, technology brings countless new opportunities. For example: Personalised digital cycling concierges Imagine having your own personal digital cycling concierge, ready to connect you to the world's best cycling experiences. Real-time route guidance: Say goodbye to getting lost and GPS devices that don't work. Cyclists will soon be able to get real-time, interactive route guidance based on needs and preferences. Safer cycling: We predict wearables will make cycling safer by connecting to proximity sensors in cars. Cyclists and drivers will know where each other are located, and have the information they need to stay a safe distance apart. The future (apart from Trump) is very exciting! How do you think technology will shape cycling in coming years? Let us know in the comments below, or share your thoughts on CycleLifeHQ's Facebook page.
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