Lofoten Islands, Norway - Epic Bike Rides Across the Globe

Lofoten Islands, Norway - Epic Bike Rides Across the Globe

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the ancient lands of Norway? Dreamed of basking in the Midnight sun? And cycling is one of your favourite pastimes.

You can do ALL of these things in the magical archipelago of Lofoten, Norway! Regardless of the time of year, Lofoten provides a journey amid breathtaking natural surroundings not to be missed and never to be forgotten. The principal islands are Austvågøy, Gimsøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy, Moskenesøy, Værøy and Røst. The southernmost part of Norway´s largest island, Hinnøy, is also in Lofoten.

Ballstad, Norway

The Lofoten Islands is the ideal place to jump on a bike and enjoy a self-guided cycling holiday with the freedom to cycle a spectacular designated national tourist route at your own pace. While the high season is the summer months with the all-day sun, sadly this is not the time to visit if you’ve always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights. The best time to witness this natural phenomenon is in the winter months where, if you’re not adverse to snow, cycling is also an option and an extraordinary experience!

Cycling the Lofoten Islands is an adventure rich in things to see and do.  You will cycle through picture perfect fishing villages and hamlets with typical Norwegian boathouses on stilts over chilly waters, stone-age settlements, boathouses and bothies, tall wooden racks for air-drying fish, golf courses, a doll’s museum and countless art galleries.  All set against dramatic mountain backdrops.

Henningsvær, Norway

Reine, Norway

Getting Around Lofoten

As well as being a bike friendly location getting to and around Lofoten is extremely easy and is well serviced.


Lcated in Svolvær, Leknes and Røst. There are daily departures for Bodø. A helicopter service has been opened between Værøy Island and Bodø.

Ferries and Boat

You can travel to the Lofoten Islands by ferry or express boat from the north or south. Gas-powered ferries are stationed on the routes Bodø – Værøy – Røst – Moskenes and Bognes – Lødingen. There is a bicycle ferry between Ballstad and Nusfjord during the summer.


There are bus connections with Vesterålen and Fauske/ Bodø, with further connections by train.

A multi-day itinerary from CycleLifeHQ:

There are numerous options for you to cycle through the Lofoten Islands depending how long you have and what you’d like to see and do on your visit. The best months to undertake your cycling adventure are May – July (summer) but as this is the high season it is recommended you plan your trip out and book your accommodation well in advance of your arrival. Cycling through the Lofoten Islands is designated as Easy.

Our itinerary is a minimum of 8 days, however, we would recommend you extend that out if you have the time to ensure you take full advantage of your trip and time in the Lofoten Islands.

Day 1: Digermulen-Fiskebøl: 43 km find out more here

Day 2: Fiskebøl-Laukvik-Svolvær: 68 km 4 hours cycling find out more here

Day 3: Svolvær–Henningsvær: 26 km 2 hours cycling find out more here

Day 4 and 5: Henningsvær–Stamsund: 74 km 5 hours cycling find out more here

Day 6: Stamsund–Ballstad: 27 km 1.30 hours cycling (route 1) 44km 3 hours cycling (route 2)Route 2: 44km 3 hours 8 minutes find out more here

Day 7: Ballstad–Nusfjord: 32 km 2.15 hours cycling find out more here

Day 8: Nusfjord–Å: 63 km find out more here

Nusfjord, Norway

Need a little more inspiration? Here it is, I guarantee you will be watching this more than once!

For advice, information, or more assistance building your cycling itinerary, contact CLHQ’s cycling concierge service.

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