Cycle the South Coast: a 4-day mountain biking itinerary

Cycle the South Coast: a 4-day mountain biking itinerary

There’s something special about the South Coast and we think we know what it is: its world-class mountain biking trails!

Known for its spectacular scenery, national parks, and beautiful coastline; the South Coast is a great location for mountain biking. Avoid the tourists and go in winter following our suggested multi-day itinerary.

Day 1

Visit On the Perch Bird Sanctuary and discover some of the South Coast’s amazing wildlife. This unique exhibit on the Sapphire Coast offers an interactive and educational experience to help you to learn all about our feathered friends.

If you’re feeling peckish have a bite to eat at the Brood Cafe while observing the endangered Gouldian Finch.

Accommodation: Kianinny Bush Cottages is in a peaceful location close to trails and nature.

Bike Hire: Tathra Beach and Bike can hook you up with all your biking needs.

Day 2

Bundadung Trail network, Tathra

The cruisy, coastal town of Tathra is home to the Bundadung Trails. The tracks are hand built, environmentally sustainable and maintained by a passionate crew.

How to get there

The Bundadung Trails are only 7 minutes by car or 15 minutes by bike (only 800 metres from the Tathra Beach and Bike shop).

Bundadung Trails

The Bundadung Trails feature many great tracks for the adventurous cyclist.

Start your day with the popular 32 kilometre loop. This trail consists of three steady climbs: Evil Tom, Kingy's Climb and Nelba's Rise, as well as three descents: Bridges, Nizentite and Anchors Away. The climbs are steady and the descents cross multiple bridges in between swooping turns.

Also worth checking out is the much-loved Fire Shed Loop. This 18 kilometre track has it all; ocean and forest views, winding climbs and fast, snaking descents. If you’re craving more, you can add the ‘Creekside’ extension to your ride.

Creek Run in the Fire Shed trails. Photo courtesy of Tathra Beach and Bike.

Manna Park and Mandeni

If you have finished exploring the Bundadung Trails, head south towards Merimbula and discover the trails of Manna Park and Mandeni.

How to get there

Just a short 22 minute drive or 1 hour 40 minutes by bike.

Manna Park

Manna Park’s 6.5 kilometre track is fun, rocky and action-packed! Mandeni Park is less technical, but it’s great for working on your skills and building confidence!

Day 3

Bermagui Mountain Bike Park

If you’re itching to get back in the saddle, just north of Tathra is the Bermagui Dirt Surfers mountain bike park.

How to get there

From your suggested accommodation, it’s a 54 minute drive.

Bermagui Mountain Bike Park

Test your skills on the six and ten kilometre loops featuring multiple hoops and turns. The final descent is so much fun you’ll want to do it over and over again!

There’s no better way to spend your final day mountain biking on the South Coast.

Photo Courtesy Northern Beaches MTB


Day 4

Now that you’ve satisfied your mountain biking desires, it’s time to discover the region!

To really appreciate the natural beauty of the South Coast, spend some time at the Bournda National Park. If the weather is permitting, meander on a secluded beach, meet the wildlife or go for a coastal walk.

Alternatively, learn about Tathra’s icon at the Tathra Wharf Museum. The Wharf has an interesting history and you can also learn about the visiting whales, seals, dolphins and stingrays. Then, watch the fishermen and enjoy panoramic views over a coffee at the wharf cafe.

Finish up your stay with a hearty, good quality meal at Fat Tony’s Bar and Grill.

So there you have it, the best of the South Coast’s mountain biking trails and surrounding attractions in just four days!

For advice, information, or more assistance building your Canberra mountain biking itinerary, contact CLHQ’s MTB concierge service.

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