City of Canada Bay: Public Art and Heritage Rides

City of Canada Bay: Public Art and Heritage Rides

The City of Canada Bay public art rides are a great way to explore the many artworks and art-based activities in the public domain. Many of the artworks communicate and represent cultural meanings, linking strongly with the City of Canada Bay heritage ride.

Public art is a significant part of the experience of place, for locals and visitors. It can help ascribe meaning and offer new perspectives. Public art also helps to foster a sense of community cohesion and connection through the provision of high quality environments and amenity.

The City of Canada Bay has a rich history, spanning from a strong Aboriginal heritage right through to the present day, including recent immigration stories and art deco architecture. What better way to explore the many historic sites and heritage interpretations than by bike! 

There are two rides in Canada Bay, one which focuses on the public art and heritage in the Drummoyne and Five Dock area in the east of the City of Canada Bay, and the other around Concord, Cabarita, Rhodes areas in the west of the City of Canada Bay.

A small number of artworks and heritage sites will require you to either:

    • walk your bike along the footpath in the busier shopping areas to access;
    • park and lock your bike appropriately on the route and walk to visit the artworks; or
    • ride your bike on the road.
    • The density of artistic, historical and heritage sites on these rides encourage you to ride at a gentle and easy pace, taking in the sights, stopping frequently, and to enjoy the many parks and reserves; many of which are named after historical events, activities and people associated with the area.

      Ride type:
      Mountain biking
      Road riding
      Rail Trail
      EPIC Ride
      Difficulty: Intermediate (Red)
      Ride Duration: 1/2 day
      Fitness Level: Medium
      Shared Bike Path - Paved
      Shared Bike Path - Dirt
      On-Road Bike Lane
      Off-Road - Fire Trail
      Off-Road - Rail Trail
      Off-Road - Single Track
      Off-Road - Downhill
      Gravel Road
      Mobile Coverage: Excellent
      First Aid
      Bike hire
      Bike servicing
      Accessible by bike
      Accessible by car
      Accessible by public transport
      Accessible by shuttle
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