Family rides – The Strawberry Line, Somerset UK

Family rides – The Strawberry Line, Somerset UK

Family bike rides – The Strawberry Line, Somerset UK

Ability level: Easy

Approximate Time: 1.5 to 2.5 hours

Length: 10 Miles (16kms)

Some of the best family cycling routes around the world are those situated along old railway line routes. They have long seen their last train, however, many have been rejuvenated to see life again as amazing cycle trails. 

The Strawberry Line is one such trail located in Somerset, UK and is ideal for all members of the family.  Not only is the Strawberry Line a great family day out, it also carries with it a great name and a wonderful opportunity to give the kids exercise and a history lesson - the trail takes its name from the delicious cargo this former railway line carried from the strawberry fields of Cheddar.

The terrain is a very fine gravel path for most of the trail, which changes in a few areas initially to a compact pathway.  The route is almost traffic free and no steep gradients.

This cycling adventure starts from the rear of Yatton Station car park, where there is a minimal fee to park your car and finishes at Old Station Close, Cheddar. The route will take you through flat marshes, apple orchards, wooded valleys and the Cheddar Gorge, so there’ll be no shortage of cheese for your picnic – the strawberry fields are long gone.  There are cafés all along this cycle route, so you can stop for a drink or snack along the way.

A perfect family cycling outing!

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