Apply to become a CycleLifeHQ Ambassador


Our Ambassadors get to do all the cool stuff:

  • list the best local rides;
  • share and help promote your favourite bike shops, breweries (whether it be coffee, beer or other!), local attractions and more;
  • create multi-day itineraries and packages;
  • write blogs; and
  • develop a brand and personality for themselves and their destination.
  • We also give our Ambassadors swag, bragging opportunities, naming rights on published materials, and awesome kudos!! 

    Our Ambassadors are people just like you:

    They're local cyclists who:

    • are passionate about helping to showcase cycling in their area and making it better for everyone.
    • understand cycling in their area - how it works, what's great, where to go, and who the players are.
    • are willing to help identify and promote the best cycling experiences and linked businesses and points of interest in their area.
    • And cycle tourists who:

      • want to share their cycle travel experiences with others; and
      • can document their bicycle travel experiences including ride mapping, places stayed, places eaten at, and other experiences of the local destination
      • Here are a couple of example destinations created solely by our local champion Ambassadors in Vernal, Utah and Cuyuna, Minnesota.

        How to become an Ambassador:

        Think you've got what it takes to put your destination on the map, brag to the world about it, and help others explore and discover through a local perspective so they get a real taste of what's special and unique? Then simply fill out our online application form - You tell us your name, your contact email, why you want to be an Ambassador and what’s special about cycling in your destination. We review it and get in touch. Simple!

        We'd love to hear from you.

        We give you the tools to make it super easy to create content and to share it far and wide. 

        Promoting bicycle travel and tourism provides a win-win situation for locals and visitors. Economic revenue achieved through an influx of bicycle tourists builds a case, and helps provide the funds for further investment in local cycling infrastructure, further benefiting locals and visitors; providing new and improved experiences and businesses, and also helping conserve and maintain existing facilities and environments.

        The positive economic contributions from bicycle tourists provides passionate advocates with a key tool in working with city officials, partner organizations, destination marketing firms, tourism promotion entities, and local businesses to further increase infrastructure and promotion in a way that not only serves visitors, but also benefits locals year round.

        Apply to become a CycleLifeHQ Ambassador

        Our Ambassadors contribute meaningful, quality and curated information, connecting ride listings with destination content to help others research, plan and book their next bicycle holiday experience. 

        It’s not an overwhelming or burdensome exercise; it’s simply a matter of documenting your experiences to share with others, and to gain credit and recognition on our digital marketplace for your cycling experiences. Our search engine optimisation ensures your content is seen.

          Apply now through our simple contact form where we ask some basic questions to get started. Once approved, we give you a 100% discount code so that you sign-up easily for free.

          What’s required?

          We've developed a user-friendly 'how-to' guide with step by step instructions on how to create destination content for ride listings, related businesses, other points of interest, and general notes that other cyclists will want to know in researching their next holiday to your chosen destination.

          Our Ambassadors undertake the following:

          • sign up to create your own unique CycleLifeHQ user profile
          • identify the best rides the area offers which might include mountain biking, sightseeing, gravel or road cycling, or a combination thereof. You will be required to upload GPX files for each ride listing. We can help provide further information for this; it's a very straightforward task – through strava or other apps, giving map routes and elevation
          • Ideally we seek 5-15 rides for a given destination

            • describe the ride
            • provide quality and inspiring pictures
            • link businesses and other points of interest including places to eat, places to stay, bike hire and other points of interest.
            • (optional) write a blog about the destination and experience
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