Ambassador Program - how to guide

How do you become a CycleLifeHQ Ambassador?

You think to yourself ‘this could be awesome’ and then you simply complete this form. It’s that simple.

  • We will ask you about your background and motivations.
  • We will forward you more detail.
  • If we're both happy we will sign you up.
  • CycleLifeHQ has prepared a detailed instruction manual for creating ride listings and related content, which we will provide during your application process. In the meantime, the information here serves as a guide to the role of an Ambassador.

    Creating a Ride Listing

    One of the key tasks of an ambassador is to create quality listings that showcase the awesome rides your destination has to offer.

    Our Ambassadors create ride listings for sightseeing/leisure rides; mountain bike trails; road cycling and gravel grinding for all ages and abilities. Ambassadors may also create single or multi-day itineraries, combining ride listings with other experiences the destination offers, including points of interest, local businesses, and/or themed rides.

    There are three key steps involved in creating a ride listing on the CycleLifeHQ platform:

  • Research the ride
  • Ride the course (or you can map it out via a desktop exercise, but it’s a good excuse to get out there!) and collect data including photos and map information using one of the many publicly available tools such as Strava
  • Write up and submit directly online for our review and editing
  • We encourage our Ambassadors to create at least 5-15 ride listings and include local businesses who provide support services for cyclists to best promote and showcase the destination.


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