Mahnomen: Beginner Bicycle Skills Area Loop Trail Route Overview:

This 0.1 mile mountain biking trail takes a cyclist through the beginner skills area within the north parking lot area of the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Miner's Mountain Rally Center.

The purpose of this loop is to provide a beginner mountain biker all the different, natural (dirt, rock, bridge) surfaces they will encounter on the real singletrack trails—while still in a small loop within the safety of the Rally Center.

It's recommended that if a mountain biker is having a difficult time advancing through this beginner loop, they should stay on this loop to master their skills prior to heading out on the actual trails.

The loop starts and finishes in the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area (CCSRA) Miner's Mountain Rally Center. A Minnesota State Park vehicle permit is required to park a car or truck in this area.

Prior to parking within the Miner's Mountain Rally Center stop and purchase a State Park Vehicle Permit at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Office at 307 3rd Street, Ironton, MN 56455 or call 218-546-5926 to confirm their open office hours.


Once your State Park permit is in hand, simply drive a few blocks north on HWY 30/Irene Avenue in Ironton. The entrance to the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area will be to your left after you drive past the last stop sign within the city of Ironton. The entrace to the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area is super close to town, but it's kind of easy to miss the entrance as well.


WARNING ⚠: Please read the IMBA Responsbile Riding Rules of the Trail prior to riding by clicking


WARNING ⚠: Please review IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System prior to riding by clicking here.


WARNING ⚠: Please read the safety warnings on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Trail Map by clicking here.

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0.276 km / 0.171 mi

Total Distance

5 m / 15 ft

Total Ascent

4 m / 15 ft

Total Descent

375 m / 1,232 ft

Highest Point

Additional Info:

On-Trail Navigation:

• For on-trail navigation click "LOCATE ME" on the map (Below) on your smart phone. Location services must be turned on via your web browser and your cell phone coverage must be adequate. Additionally, for GARMIN users please download the GPX file (right hand column on this page) and upload it to your GARMIN device. Then load this route on your GARMIN prior to mountain biking.


Trail Conditions:

• For trail conditions visit the MN DNR CCSRA homepage— Keep in mind the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources does not update their trail conditions daily, just when trails are open, or temporarily closed due to conditions or maintenance.



• To make a donation to the ongoing annual maintenance of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails, please visit the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew (CREW), a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association's website.



• To join the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew in their annual trail maintenance please fill out this short form by clicking here.The CREW will get in contact with you. Thank you!


WARNING ⚠: The guidance on this website is for reference only and should not be interpreted as a standard, specification or regulation. Mountain biking and bicycling on gravel or paved roads are inherently risky and failure to abide by the rules and signage of the trail and road may cause serious injury or death.

Ride type:
Mountain biking
Road riding
Rail Trail
Difficulty: Beginner (Green)
Ride Duration: 1-2 hrs
Fitness Level: Low
First Aid
Bike hire
Bike servicing
Accessible by bike
Accessible by car
Accessible by public transport
Accessible by shuttle
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