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Partner with us


CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism business partnerships

Helping local businesses to better position for, and attract, more cyclists

Do you own or manage a café, restaurant, transport service, hostel/hotel or other type of accommodation, supermarket, guided tours, bike store, brewery/winery, gift store, museum or art gallery, day spa, yoga retreat, insurance company… the list goes on and on! The point is this: no matter what industry you’re in, cyclists – like all consumers – are likely to require your services at some point.

The question is:

  • do they visit your business or your competitors? And why. And what can you do to ensure you get your share of the pie?


At over US$100 billion per year, the bicycle tourism industry is transforming the economic health of communities and local businesses across the globe. We know you want your piece of that!

Partner with us

Our business partnerships provide initial consultation and ongoing support for your journey in attracting more bicycle tourists.

Participating businesses provide an ongoing offer for Premium cyclists which we help promote to attract more cyclists to you.

Our partnership support provides you with access to:

  • market your business direct to a niche (but large!) cycling audience;
  • our bike friendly checklist to identify your current strengths and weaknesses;
    • we'll then provide you with a recommendation report containing easily implementable actions to attract more bicycle tourists;
  • regular industry insights and latest news to stay at the front of the game;
  • a community of like-minded bicycle friendly businesses to share experiences, ask questions and connect;
  • special recognition as a CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism business – online and shopfront window sticker; and
  • list tours, events, services, points of interest, trip reports and other information on the CycleLifeHQ platform.


Simply contact us today to chat about a partnership opportunities and join our growing bike friendly business community.

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Business Guide to Bicycle Tourism Success

We've developed a Business Guide to Bicycle Tourism Success where we share our best tips and advice to help you understand what cyclists are looking for, and how you can better position to provide for them, increasing your economic activity and revenue. 

In this guide, we share our best tips and advice to help local businesses understand:

  • the economic value cyclists can bring;
  • their unique needs; 
  • how you can better position to attract and welcome more local cyclists and bicycle tourists; and
  • how to further increase your business revenue through this growing market segment.


Why attract bicycle tourists?

Compared to other business improvements, there’s a lot can be done with very little by local businesses to attract more cyclists. Most of the changes you can make to welcome more cyclists cost very little but can have a big impact for your business.

Cyclists come from all walks of life, and have a diverse range of backgrounds and interests. Generally, they enjoy interacting and engaging with locals, supporting local business, and experiencing the best of customer service and genuine hospitality in the destinations they visit; seeking meaningful and authentic experiences.


Work with us and start marketing directly to cycling customers today


Image credit: The Cyclery Fyshwick (one of our very earliest adopters to our Business Partner program)!!

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