Premium Business Subscription

Premium Business Subscription

Are you a business wanting to attract more cyclists to your cafe, restaurant, accommodation, bike rental or guided tour?

Check out our FREE ‘Business Guide to Bicycle Tourism Success’. This short document helps you to better understand how to establish, engage, expand and optimize your business to attract more cycle tourists.

We have also created a checklist for all Premium Business subscribers to help you quickly identify your current strengths and weaknesses to help you get started.

More cyclists, stopping more frequently and spending more

Do you own or manage a local business? It might be a café, restaurant, transport service, hostel/hotel or other type of accommodation, supermarket, guided tours, bike store, brewery/winery, gift store, museum or art gallery, day spa, yoga retreat, insurance company… the list goes on and is endless. No matter what industry you’re in, cyclists – like all consumers – are likely to require your services at some point. The question is: do they visit your business or your competitors? And why; and what can you do to ensure you get your share of the pie?

At over US$100 billion per year, the bicycle tourism industry is transforming the economic health of communities across the globe and is worth more than the bicycle product industry.

This Business Guide to Bicycle Tourism Success has been written to help local businesses and your marketing partners understand:

  • The value of cyclists as consumers;
  • How you can better position your business to attract and welcome more cycle customers;
  • How to become a business which cyclists want to support; and
  • How to further increase your business revenue through this growing market segment.
  • This is particularly relevant if your destination is increasingly positioning itself to attract more cyclists to the region.

    Sign up to our Premium Business Subscription

    We also invite you to sign up to our Premium Business Subscription to gain access to valuable insights, articles, regular blogs and newsletters to help you further grow your business and stay at the leading edge in providing what cycle tourists want.

    This service is provided via an annual subscription for AUD $149.95. Once signed up, you’ll immediately receive access to:

    • Self-assessment checklist to identify your current strengths and weaknesses
    • A benchmark report based on your responses to the checklist, containing key recommendations and action items
    • A free consultation with CycleLifeHQ staff
    • Ability to list tours, events, services, points of interest, trip reports and other information on the CycleLifeHQ platform
    • Ability to offer special deals to CycleLifeHQ members and through other membership channels
    • Recognition that your business is a CycleLifeHQ premium member on our marketplace
    • Have your business listed at the top of our search results up to six times per year
    • Access to offline bike trails and maps
    • Feature in our newsletter
    • Identification of your business through a shopfront window sticker
    • Regular blog and news articles on the latest industry information, insights, best practice case studies and more
    • To sign up for Premium Business Subscription, simply sign up as a CycleLifeHQ member, and click on your Avatar on the RHS header to select 'settings'. Then, on the LHS tool bar, select 'billing plan' from where you can select 'Premium Business Subscription'.


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