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The League of American Bicyclists (the League) is always looking for new ways to support their individual members, while continuing to grow the movement of bicycling across the country.

To this end, the League and CycleLifeHQ have teamed up via a formal partnership agreement to offer added value for the League's individual members, affiliated bicycle clubs and Bicycle Friendly Communities.

CycleLifeHQs approach to bicycle tourism is unique in our central premise to provide quality, curated ride listings which link with supporting local businesses, facilities and services. This makes it really easy for cyclists to research, plan and book your next bicycle vacation as a complete experience.

The approach also allows communities to quickly and affordably showcase their destination through a bespoke global platform which markets directly to locals as well as visiting bicycle tourists.

All League members are invited to subscribe to CycleLifeHQ, free of charge, to inspire your next bicycle vacation, and to stay up to date with all the great happenings across multiple, global bicycle tourism destinations.

To sign-up, simply visit: https://www.cyclelifehq.com/en/signup

As part of our agreement, CycleLifeHQ is also offering all League members 30% discount on their Premium subscription service (valued at AUD $49.95 p/year), giving you access to:

  • special deals and discounts offered by bicycle friendly accommodation providers, food and drink outlets (including some great breweries, bike friendly cafes and more), bike stores and more;
  • offline maps; and
  • printable PDF maps.

    To take advantage of this offer, please enter the discount coupon code provided on your League member email update; or email to: info@CycleLifeHQ.com to request it.


    Become an Ambassador

    The League, together with CycleLifeHQ, also encourages you to consider becoming a CycleLifeHQ Ambassador, to showcase and brag about cycling experiences in your local area to the world!

    Ambassadors get to do all the cool stuff:

    • list the best local rides;
    • share their favourite bike shops, breweries (whether it be coffee, beer or other!), local attractions and more;
    • create multi-day itineraries and packages;
    • write blogs; and
    • develop the brand and personality for themselves and their destination.

      CycleLifeHQ also gives you swag, bragging opportunities, naming rights on published materials, and awesome kudos.



      You can seek further information from info@CycleLifeHQ.com and a member of our friendly team will get in touch.

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