2019 CycleLifeHQ Ambassadors

2019 CycleLifeHQ Ambassadors

We wish to extend a very warm welcome to our full contingent of 2019 CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism Ambassadors.

We've been overwhelmed with applications and have loved reading each and every one.

We've been super inspired by the passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of local cyclists in destinations across the world, and their excitement to share this with others through a global platform, and the audience reach this provides. We've loved reading the reasons why so many people want to join out Ambassador community, and what it means to them.

Here's our full list of awesome and amazing CycleLifeHQ Ambassadors.

Congratulations to each and every Ambassador. The team at CycleLifeHQ is looking forward to working with this inspiring community to make bicycle tourism even better for everyone!

Hear more from some of our esteemed Ambassadors, and meet some of the team by scrolling through our series of slides.




Aaron Hautala, Cuyuna MN

Derek Halsey, Europe

Nikolaos Antonakopoulos, Greece

Aashish Agarwal, India

Don Mills, Ohio to Erie Trail

Nitin Yadav, India

Alexei Gaynanov, Fr, UK, Canada

Emmy Fabich, Dayton Ohio

Noel Tanner, Thailand

Alyssa Collins, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Fred Bandini, England

Olumide Olusanya, Nigeria

Andreas Kuhn, Bali

Gezim Shimi, Albania

Raja Sohaib Sarwar, Pakistan

Andy Irvinr, Brazil to Canada

Hitesh Swami, India

Raji Malhotra, India

Angela Bonaccorso, Italy, the Alps

Imanirakiza Aimable, Rwanda

Ram Gurung, Kathmandu

Anil Mohan, India

Jacques Brink, South Africa

Ramdayal Prajapati, India

Anosov Maksim, Kyrgyzstan

Jeff Tillack, Brisbane and surrounds

Reece Guihot, Vietnam

Art Siegesmund, Ohio to Erie Trail

Jody Dzuranin, Ohio to Erie Trail

Rhealyn Callao Pojas, Palau

Bambang Handoko, Bali

Joshua Stamper, Central Ohio

Richie Hashimoto, Philippines

Barbara Beck, Rochester MN

Karma Tshering, Bhutan

Rik Ahlberg, Provincetown

Bernard Sayer, Mawson Trail, S Aus

Leah Fancher, Rochester MN

Robert Wilmot, Jamaica

Brad Dodimead, Canada

Leah Fantle, Washington DC

Sachin Bhandary, India

Brian Hill, Central Coast NSW

Lisa Daris, Ohio to Erie Trail

Saran Gurung, Bhutan

Cacinda Maloney, US various

Maria Stoyanova, Bulgaria

Stoian Vlad Cosmin, Romania

Chetan Shah, India

Marina Cantafio, Zurich

Taulant Hoxha, Kosovo

Chris Angell, Africa

Mark Looney, Ohio to Erie Trail

Tom Bilcze, Ohio to Erie Trail

Chris Hansen, Devon UK

Martin Stewart, NSW

Tulio Bertorini, Memphis Tennessee

Cristian Daniel Airinei, Romania

Mohamed Bassam Adam, Maldives

Vlad Gogelescu, Romania

Dararoth Ke, Cambodia

Muhammad Tariq Khan, Pakistan

Yewande Oluwafisayo Ojo, Nigeria

Deepika Tiwari, Ranchi, India

Nebojša Ivić, Serbia



Nelson Shogren, Ohio


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