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Active Travel is CycleLifeHQs preferred partner for all your travel agent needs - particularly when it comes to creating a customised, tailored itinerary package that's designed exactly for what your group wants.

Nick, Becky and the team at Active Travel can work with you, no matter where you'e based, to find out what type of experience you're after, how much or how little cycling you want to include, where you want to go, your budget, other attractions and elements you want to experience, and take all the hassle out of planning and booking.

They listen to you, then combine their years of knowledge and experience in the travel industry, together with the CycleLifeHQ cycling experience information to bring you a holiday that's everything you could have wished for.

You dream it, together Active Travel  and CycleLifeHQ will make it happen!

Their services are particularly suited to groups who have a minimum party size of eight. Perfect for your group or club; for a special celebration with a group of family or friends, or simply because!

About us - Active Travel: Experience, Knowledge, Trust

The only thing we love more than travelling ourselves is arranging for our client to go on adventures. It sounds corny but, after all, we are in a service industry and we have worked hard over the last few years to improve the quality of that service. We have spent our marketing budget not on promoting products but rather on identifying what a travel agent does and to show that we still have a place in this modern, internet-centric world. Active Travel is only a small family owned business but we certainly punch above our weight in the industry as proven by our acceptance, in 2018, of an invitation from Club Med to become their 9th Instore Boutique in Australia, a great honour indeed.

One thing that struck us when Becky and I bought the agency in July 2015 was that we were seemingly better known in Sydney than we were in Canberra and we were keen to redress the balance and work with key community partners to not only promote the wellness aspects of travelling but also to show how easy is to work with a travel agent. We coined the phrase – just bring us your ideas, your dates and your budget and haven’t looked back since!

Our small team contains a wealth of experience that not only involves travelling to exotic destinations but, in some cases, actually living there for an extended period of time. We are a multi-cultural, multi-lingual office that prides itself on being 100% independent meaning that we can fully customise your next holiday or just book flights, accommodation, tours or even your next Murrays bus to Sydney.

So, next time you are in Braddon pop in for a coffee or if you are from further afield then just give us a call because we do actually love talking about travel, just remember your ideas, your dates and your budget!

What is an active experience?

Active Travel first began with cycling tours in China and over 30 years later we are proud to continue to offer a huge range of walking, trekking, cycling and multi-sport adventures virtually everywhere in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete we are able to assist you to book either a set tour or work with you to design a tailored itinerary. We can find programs for all fitness levels, duration and desired activity.

Active itineraries allow you to truly explore the destination you are travelling in, and are often missed when travelling on a bus tour. You can stop off in small villages, meet the locals and take the roads less travelled.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.

– The Road not taken by Robert Frost

We work with a selection of companies that offer a high quality actively based programs across the globe. Whether you are looking for the tour that is the ultimate challenge such as Everest Base Camp; a  cycling tour through the United States; a high adrenaline rafting tour in South America or a more relaxed village walking tour through Europe, many of which have a focus on food and only walk between the areas to justify to gourmet delights we know the company for you.

If you are interested in an Active itinerary but also looking to have some time to relax then we will be happy to assist you to combine a range of products to design your ultimate adventure.

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Our experienced advisors have expertise across all seven continents and work with you to create you the most amazing holiday memories, saving you precious time while taking care of:


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