The Vice Tour

This tour is for ages 21+

Vice, as defined by Mirriam-Webster Dictionary:
a : moral depravity or corruption
b : a moral fault or failing
c : a habitual and usually trivial defect or shortcoming

What You’ll Explore

No matter how you define it, San Francisco has been shaped by lifestyles not necessarily perceived as upstanding or normal by the majority. From sexual freedom to mind- and body-altering substances, San Francisco has always been a city that celebrates ways of life sometimes vilified elsewhere.

On the Vice bike tour, we’ll explore all kinds of things considered vice, either now or in the past. Some you might agree are still illicit. Others you might wonder how they were ever perceived as such.

We’ll dig into the underbelly of the city’s origins, when rule of law was merely theoretical. We’ll tell the tale of how two brothers, steeped in the 1960’s sexual revolution and drugs, struck it rich and while opening mainstream America’s eyes to adult films. We’ll stand at the epicenter of one of the biggest American sports controversies in history, and ask you, what would you have done? We’ll appease our brain’s pleasure centers with some wine tasting in SoMa, where wine production was once as important to the neighborhood as tech is today. And speaking of tech, we’ll explore some (newly) historic places that are launching humanity’s latest vice.

This tour includes themes not suitable for kids, including sex and drugs. We have a strict age policy of 21+. Please keep an open mind when on the tour.

But what about the hills? We’ve minimized the hills and use the gentlest ascents possible. The route is designed for anyone comfortable on a bike with a modest level of fitness.

We don’t stop for lunch on this tour, but we do include a snack stop.

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