40th Parallel Marker, The Ohio State University

40th parallel passes through the main campus of The Ohio State University; specifically, it cuts directly across the Oval greenspace, between University Hall and the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library. Ohio Stadium, one of the largest stadiums in the world, barely misses the parallel 40° north (6 seconds above 40° north).
The benchmark was originally set in 1881 by the two members of the first faculty of Ohio State, T.C. Mendehall, Professor of Physics, and R.W. McFarland, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy. Two of the academic buildings nearby are named after them.
A plaque just north of Thompson Library marks the 40th parallel. 
Original Location: 40° 00′ 00″ N, 83° 00′ 54″ W  The original location was 70 feet west and 10 feet south of its current location. In 1932, it was relocated to its present location by E. F. Coddington, Professor of Geodetic Engineering.   2X2P+22 Columbus, Ohio
The parallel 40° north goes directly through the John Glenn Columbus International Airport, with runway 10L-28R lying immediately north of the line, runway 10R-28L lying slightly south of it, and the line going through the northernmost edges of the terminal.
The parallel 40° north passes through the cities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana and Denver, Colorado. 
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