Park Lage

Park Lage

Park Lage is linked to the memory of our city.

The Lage Park captivates the visitors that pass here. Whether it is for the cultural effervescence of the EAV, or for the possibility of walks in the bucolic climate of its green area, where the lake and the artificial islands stand out, the bridges with rocaille works, the bandstand and grotto, built in a mortar, imitating rocks and tree trunks.

One can also circle inside one of the artificial caves and admire the aquariums embedded in the walls. The 12 tanks - the largest of them with capacity for six thousand liters - harbor several species of fish, prioritizing species of biomes of Brazilian rivers.

Today, with plenty of fun for all ages, including children's playground, trails - leading to Christ the Redeemer, fountain, picnic areas and rest, Lage Park is an invitation to those who want close contact with nature.

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