London Cycling Campaign

London Cycling Campaign

Our vision is to transform our city into a healthier, cleaner and happier place to live, where cycling is a choice for any Londoner who wants to ride the streets conveniently and without fear.

To achieve this we lobby decision-makers at all levels, presenting them with evidence-based arguments for encouraging bicycle use before motorized transport, which include:

- Widespread economic benefits

- Improvements to public health

- Reductions in road danger

- Less motor traffic congestion

- Zero CO2 emissions

- Reduced air pollution

Cyclist Friendly Features:
Secure bike parking
Undercover Bike Parking
Change Rooms
Bathroom / Toilet
Hair Dryer
Water refills
Ironing Board
Bag storage
Bike pumps (Schrader&Presta)
Basic tool kit
Free wifi
Details of local bike routes
Details of bike hire locations
Food fuel - portable, healthy packaged snacks for purchase
Complimentary bike locks
Bike rider discounts
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Email: Email

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