3 Reasons Every Cyclist Should Wear Compression Shorts

3 Reasons Every Cyclist Should Wear Compression Shorts


If you spend enough time in the saddle you want to look the part and also be comfortable on your ride. So how about trying a pair of compression shorts? They're not to be confused with cycling shorts. They are not the same as their lycra friends. They normally have more spandex and offer a tighter fit but they have many other benefits too.

Cycling shorts don't have the compression which can help prevent rubbing. There are many options on style and price ranges to choose from. Compression shorts are loved by many professional and amateur cyclists.

However, compression shorts don't have the extra padding offered by lycra knicks. For the benefits of both, we suggest you try wearing both; compressions under and padded lycra outer.

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Here are three reasons why every cyclist should wear compression shorts:

1. Improve comfort

Compression shorts can improve comfort whilst out riding. Get shorts with padding - they can make a big difference to your comfort. They usually have a little more spandex than cycling shorts. When you're trying out different styles make sure you look for good compression. They can help keep everything in place and reduce saddle soreness after a long ride. Choose the right pair and they may help you to go that extra mile and give you a good range of motion. 

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2. Boost performance

Compression shorts can boost your performance on a bike. They help to keep the muscles nice and warm and promote blood circulation. They can reduce chafing and abrasions and help blood flow for faster recovery. Wearing the right clothing can make a big difference. Compression shorts can be a much better option than lycra leggings.

3. Can use as underwear

Compression shorts can also be used as underwear as well as for cycling but they need to fit well. While some are designed especially for underwear, others can be used for many types of sport.You should never wear anything else underneath the shorts unless you are trying them on for size. Now you may be reluctant to ditch your underwear but going commando and swapping your pants for a good padded insert will make a world of difference to your ride. The light breathable material can provide a stretch without being too tight.

There are many compression shorts on the market for women as well. They may choose to wear compression shorts for many of the same reasons as men. A good pair can offer comfort, support and recovery benefits, so women should consider wearing them for cycling too. There are a range of options on the market to suit different budgets and they come in different styles and colours. They also offer value for money because the good news is that compression shorts for men and women can also be used for many other sports too. So if you are a keen cyclist trying to improve your performance make sure you try on a pair today. They could make you love riding your bike even more than you do already!

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Buy responsibly

With as many as 20.9 million people affected by slavery every day, buying from responsible brands can have a huge impact. So make sure you look out for clear codes of conduct and do your research. Make sure no child labour is used at all in the making of the product. Checking out the code of ethics of a company when buying online can be useful.

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