User engagement survey results

User engagement survey results

We've recently undertaken a user engagement survey. Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. The results  are encouraging and reassuring.

Among them, some of our key observations for a digital platform and mobile app for cycling vacations are the importance of:

  • Community and a desire to connect with others – existing social circles; and new connections so long as there is a common, quality element of shared experience/interest (online and when visiting destinations)
  • Quality, trusted information, particularly from local sources
  • Google as a source of finding information
  • Pre-trip planning
  • Ability to contribute to improved ride conditions via reporting to local authorities
  • High quality and inspiring images
  • Quality, authentic and meaningful experiences
  • The experience beyond just the ride itself


You've helped us to identify the following opportunities:

  • an enhanced focus on our Ambassador program
  • continued need to improve Google SEO ratings
  • continued need to link local businesses with ride listings
  • a need to provide more ‘Lonely Planet’ type information – local history, geology, culture…
  • improved search functionality
  • improved ability to ‘plan my trip’
  • continued focus on ride filters, and the inclusions of:
    • a cost filter for local businesses and accommodation/itinerary options
    • on-road/off-road traffic information for levels of comfort/safety
  • option to provide commentary that reports to local authorities on hot spots
  • creation of improved community connections


Key quantitative responses:

Do you ever have difficulty trying to find info about new rides to do - either locally or when travelling?

  • YES 40% 
  • SOMETIMES 50% 
  • NO 10%


Are you interested in sharing your ride experience with others?

  • YES 45% - primarily to share images, social commentary and report issues to local authorities
  • DEPENDS 45% 
  • NO 10%


Preferred platforms for sharing experiences

  • Facebook: 25%
  • Strava: 23%
  • CycleLifeHQ: 16%
  • Instagram: 15%
  • Google reviews: 8%
  • Trip Advisor: 8%
  • Other – my own blog 5%


Are there any key features of pieces of information missing from any cycling or travel apps you currently use?

  • YES 26%
  • UNSURE 48%
  • NO 26%


Are you interested in knowing more about other features along ride routes and trails, beyond just the ride itself? (eg: local businesses; points of interest etc?)

  • YES 74%
  • UNSURE 21%
  • NO 5%


  • Would you like to know more before or during the ride?
  • BEFORE: 62%            
  • DURING: 38%


Are you interested in using your ride experience for any sort of personal progress tracking / point scoring purposes

  • YES 25%
  • UNSURE 30%
  • NO 45%


Would you use a bicycle tourism app/platform to plan vacations?

  • YES 63%
  • UNSURE 32%
  • NO 5%


Key qualitative responses:

"I find it takes forever to browse through a heap of different sites, destination specific, to find great trails; local bunches etc."

"I am generally trying to find interesting Bike touring routes."

"Specifically navigating the apps & software to be able to find, use previous riders' suggested routes."

"Connecting to local cyclist community in a different city/country" (is important to me)

"Cycling routes - small brief, map, photos, tips etc - currently need to scrounge thru many sites for this".

"Easy search functions" is something I need

I want "Better, easier forums to engage with other community members. Haven't found any high-quality examples of that yet."

I want to know about:

  • "Indigenous culture, local history facts,  farmers market dates"
  • "Recommended stops, hotels, bike tour cos etc. - Beyond the ride itself."
  • "geology, history, good cafes"
  • "Places to eat and things to see and do" 
  • "Cafes and bike hire"
  • "Interesting cultual and historical info/places  and cafes"
  • "Local historical facts, tidbits, hydration points."
  • "Dining, lodging, and camping opportunities"

"Pre-trip, I'd want reliable info I could trust on great places to ride, stay, eat and drink; and local bike stores and groups to get in touch with for any further queries".

I want to know about

"local club info, i.e. mtb or ride ambassadors who could show you trails."  

"the projected cost of the route, overnight options, and road info."


"Places to stay, local attractions, places to eat, ease of access, and variety of rides."

"Camping and lodging info -- need to know that there's an affordable place to sleep each night of a bike trip."

"Where to find water, toilets, food - the basic stuff that often is missing.  Weather is also important especially prevailing wind conditions.  Major events and/or holidays along the route - they might be a reason for going or not going (e.g. school holidays)."


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