Apps and API

Apps and API

Features and Feedback

If there is something that CycleLifeHQ is missing, please let us know by dropping a suggestion on this public Trello board. You can also see what we are working on and what is in the backlog. You can vote and comment on any card this helps us deliver a product that is useful and valuable to you.

CycleLifeHQ Mobile Application

The CycleLifeHQ brings the best of real-time location and CycleLifeHQ ride data to mobile. Find rides nearby, get directions to the trail-head and then track your progress on the trail. Give feedback on the trail to help others including the local government who is responsible for making the trails better for everyone.

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Slack Bot

Meet Wheels. Wheels is our slack bot who helps you find rides right from within slack. Getting close to lunchtime and looking for a sweet ride..Wheels can help. Thinking about your next holiday destination and wondering what the riding is like there…ask Wheels.

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CycleLifeHQ API

We have made our API available to developers and destination partners so they can use our content to enhance their own offerings. If you would like to use our content on your site or you would like your application to interact with CycleLIfeHQ services, please contact us to find out more about the API.