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How it works 

CycleLifeHQ is your one stop shop for your next bicycle adventure. We bring together all the info, in the one place, for the world’s best cycling experiences.

Our destination maps clearly show the proximity of local bike friendly businesses and key attractions with trail listings and bike routes.

Our info is for cyclists of all types, interests, fitness and skill levels.

We hand curate and review every listing on our site, through our own dedicated team of staff (yeah, it’s a tough gig having to identify and document the world’s best cycling experiences, but someone’s gotta do it!!); our amazing local Ambassadors, keen to share with you what they love most about cycling in their local regions; and local businesses wanting to welcome you through their front doors.

We’re the only digital platform to bring together in a single, integrated, one-stop-shop all the info you need to research, plan and book amazing cycling vacations.


You can search by destination, browse world map, use the search function, or even ask a local Ambassador to find what you’re looking for. We’ve also provided a range of filters you can use when searching ride listings, to enable you to easily narrow down on ride type, duration, level of fitness and difficulty and more.

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It’s free to sign up and access all this and more. You can use email, facebook or google authentication to sign up, then validate your account and update your profile. Here, you can choose to upload a profile picture and include a short blurb about yourself to make your experience as part of the community more engaging, and encouraging other members of the community to interact and even follow you on the platform.


You’ll receive the occasional e:newsletter from us (you can also unsubscribe from these at any time). They’re a bit irregular because we choose to write to you only when we’ve got something to write about, rather than simply for the sake of filling your inbox. When we write to you, it’s usually with some awesome news to make your cycling life better; or to inspire you with one of our latest and greatest global cycling destinations.

We also have a strong presence on facebook, and a – slightly lesser! – presence on Instagram. We love to engage with you on those mediums, and love for you to share your cycling experiences and to let us know via #CycleLifeHQ and @CycleLifeHQ

All our ride and business listings also have rating, social sharing and review functionality. We love for all our community to comment on the listings and your experience.

Your profile also has an activity feed where we share with you the latest happenings, activities and listings so you can stay up to date.

Go Premium

Of course! What reputable business model doesn’t have a Premium offer?!

Ours provides you with the following great benefits:

  • Download up to 10 GPX files per month;
  • Access offline maps for easy navigation via our mobile app;
  • Printable PDF maps; 
  • Access to exclusive business partner benefits; and
  • Insights and sneak previews on the best cycling trips and latest top cycling destinations.

Simply upgrade your billing plan via 'settings'. At just $49.95 p/year, why wouldn't you?

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You can book amazing guided bike tours, bike rentals and accommodation directly from our platform. We have secure inbuilt transaction capability via Stripe payment methods, whereby you simply pay with your credit card and receive an email receipt. We don’t store credit card details and our site is secured via SSL to ensure your details are encrypted.