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How it works

Global Cycle Tourism Industry

CycleLifeHQ is a community which helps you find and make connections across the global cycling industry. Site users create postings and make bookings independently of us. Although we strive to include the best cycling experiences, we do not specifically endorse any of the services on the site.

By using our service you agree to obey all local laws. You are responsible for your own insurance as required by your local laws and to protect from liability. Before renting out equipment or leading a group, make sure you are properly insured. Just as importantly, make sure you have done everything you can to offer safe experiences and well-maintained equipment.

Make sure you read our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Sign Up

It is free to sign-up and use CycleLifeHQ. Our base user plan is free and will always be free. Use email, Facebook or Google authentication to sign-up. Once signed-up, validated your account and then update your profile

Your Profile

Please include as much information in your profile as possible. This will help users have a clear understanding of who you are and what you love about cycling.

For business you can add additional information specific to running your business such as opening hours, contact details, social media links, and your specific terms and conditions of business.

Please include details in your profile such as:

  • How long have you been doing the activity?

  • What makes you passionate about it?

  • What kind of training have you had?

  • Are you licensed or certified?

  • Anything else can you share to help us get to know you better.

User Types

We support a number of user types within our community. Broadly they are cyclists and businesses. You can be both or just one of them. You set your user type by using the billing plan options in your settings. Each user type can do different things on the platform and within the community. The following table provides an overview of our user types and related billing plans.

Features Basic User
Premium User
$49.95 p.annum
Basic Business
Premium Business
$199.95 p.annum
(by application)
Listing Types  Trip Reports Trip Reports Tours
Points of Interest
Trip Reports 
Points of Interest
Trip Reports 
Points of Interest
Trip Reports
Member only deals  No  Yes No Yes Yes
Move listing to top of search results No No No 6 times a year No
Feature in next newsletter No No No 6 times a year No
Offline maps No Yes No Yes Yes


CycleLifeHQ provides you with powerful search capabilities to find your next bike trip or experience. You can search by location and then filter your search results with keywords or other filters such as difficulty or ride duration.


We send you a weekly newsletter with the latest updates and goings on within CycleLifeHQ. You can control your newsletter and other notification settings here.

Taking Payments

You can take payment directly through CycleLifeHQ for your products and services using a Stripe account. Your set this up simply in the payments section of your profile. It is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes to get your Stripe account up and running. Stripe supports many currencies and countries, please see this article for more information.

When you do take payments through the CyceLifeHQ platform we will take 10% transaction fee. Of this fee Stripe takes between 2.5 and 3% to process the payment. The remaining % allows us to continue to run the site and grow cycle tourism.

You don’t have to use our payment processing engine, you can link your listings out to your own booking engine or established payment processing system if you prefer.

Posting your products and services

Be specific

Please include as much information in your postings as possible. This will help users have a clear understanding of what they are booking, build trust, and save you time by answering questions up front. Details will also be searched on CycleLifeHQ and in search engines such as Google, so more folks will find your posts.

Lots of great photos

Beautiful, high-quality photographs may be the most important part of your posts. The ideal image ratio should be 3:2, such as 660x440 pixels or 1500x1000 pixels.

If the uploaded image ratio is within 20% of the 3:2 ratio, for example 680x440, it will be cropped to the target ratio (660x440) to avoid gray bars on the sides.

If the image is not even close to the target ratio (e.g. more than 20% should be cropped, such as 1200x440), the image will not be cropped.

You can use any image editor to crop your photos, including Paint and free online tools like and Cut My Pic.

GPX Files

Some listing types include the ability to include a GPX map. Our GPX upload functionality supports most GPX files and we have tested it with Fitbit, Garmin and Strava GPX files. If for some reason your GPX file does not load, let support know and we will have a look. 

Related Listings

If you are creating more than one listing or there are other listings related to yours, you can add these to your listing by using the RELATED LISTING functionality. Add as many related listing sections as you like. For more information on adding related listings you can read this article.


Once your listing is created, you can use the Embed feature to embed your listing in another website or blog.

Listing types

Trail routes and maps

Our Ambassadors curate and select the best trail routes and maps. Trail guides include a trail map, guidance on how to get there and back, related points of interest and other key information you need to enjoy these rides. This information is provided for free to our community and provides the backbone for you to list your related product or service. You can use these routes and related information to plan your own self-guided cycling vacation or holiday.

Food and Beverage

You can list your food or beverage business here. Give your cafe or restaurant exposure to other cyclists. As you know we all love a good coffee or beer after a ride. You can create special offers for CycleLifeHQ members.


You can curate and design amazing cycling tour experiences for others to purchase and enjoy, we support independent hosts and commercial tour operators. You setup your tour listing and your scheduled dates, prices and tour options. You can then take payments through CycleLifeHQ or refer our members to your own booking engine. You can create unique offers and discounts only available to our premium members.

Skills training and coaching

Improving your skills as a new rider or taking your riding to the next level as a more experienced rider requires qualified coaches with experience and knowledge of cycling. You can use CycleLifeHQ to search for skills coaches and book their services through the website. If you are a qualified cycling instructor you can create your own profile for your coaching business, find new clients, take payments and receive reviews from your customers for the services you deliver.

Hire a guide

Sometimes when you are travelling to a new destination you would like to meet new people that share your passion for cycling as well as have someone that knows the local area and can assist with getting to and from specific rides and hold the camera for you while you display that cheesey grin that is essential for your instagram feed. CyclelifeHQ allows experienced cyclists with deep knowledge of their local area to post their services as an amateur guide.

Bikes to rent

Got a spare bike sitting in the garage not doing anything, but don't really want to sell it. Get it working for you and list it on CycleLifeHQ allowing it to be rented by tourists coming to your area. Not everyone that comes to a destination brings a bike with them, but they would like to try some of the rides and tours listed here on CycleLifeHQ. We are working towards group insurance coverage that will cover both the person renting out the bike and the person hiring the bike for any liabilities that might be associated with the equipment hired.

Points of Interest

CycleLifeHQ provides rich information about specific points of interest relevant to the rides and tours we have curated. This includes water, parking, cafes, shuttle and transport services, monuments and of course cycle friendly accomodation.

Reviews / Feedback

After transactions are complete, both parties are encouraged to provide feedback for each other. This is available publicly on the site in user profiles, which helps users build their reputation and trust. The feature is only available when bookings and sales are made through our integrated system, which is one reason we recommend it over linking to an external system.

In addition to reviews that are completed on transactions, it is also possible to rate a listing without having completed a transaction. To complete a rating your rating will be posted to your facebook wall. We believe that if you have something to say you should be proud to say it directly to your friends and family. Either positive or negative, be fair with your comments and be constructive to the community.

You Are the Key

The success of our community depends on the success of users and the trust you have in one another.  We continually look over reviews and listings to ensure that the quality of the listings is maintained and constantly improved in order to maintain legitimacy, increase quality, and build trust in the community. Thank you for sharing and helping to make CycleLifeHQ great!

How do I become an ambassador? 

What is a CycleLifeHQ Ambassador?

A CycleLifeHQ ambassador is ...

  • Passionate about helping to showcase cycling in their area and making it better for everyone.  
  • Understands cycling in their area - how it works, what's great, who the players are and how it could be improved.
  • Willing to help identify, promote and improve the quality of cycling experiences in their area.

What do CycleLifeHQ Ambassador do?

  • Provide information on the type of cycling their area is (or should be!) known for, what are the key local cycling/visitor/tourist groups and businesses, what's working well and what could be enhanced.
  • Help to showcase awesome self-guided rides in your location
    • Identify 10-15 rides spanning the key types of rides (sightseeing, road riding and mountain biking).
    • Use the CycleLifeHQ platform to create these and publish these rides.  We have made this easy to do with a clear and tested instruction guide.  We also have a team to help you if you have difficulties.

Do You Get Paid?

Sort of.  CycleLifeHQ provides a variety of ways to get paid for your effort and contribution.  Because each destination is different, we have developed a range of ways to recognise and reward you.  We will discuss these with you following an initial interview. 

How do you become a CycleLifeHQ Ambassador?

  • Self-identify interest and email / contact us at
  • We will ask you about your background and motivations.
  • We will forward you more detail.
  • If we're both happy we will sign you up .