Information about CycleLifeHQ

How it works

How it works

Curated cycling experiences

CycleLifeHQ brings providers and consumers together in a peer-to-peer platform. Providers create listings for:
  • where to ride - trail maps
  • tours both self-guided and guided
  • skills training and coaching
  • hire a guide
  • bike rentals
  • points of interest

These listings come together in a curated experience of quality listings that cut through the noise and allow consumers of cycling experiences to find, arrange and rate those experiences.

Listing types

Where to ride - trail maps

Our ambassadors and independent cycling enthusiasts use our trail designer to curate and create places to ride. This includes a trail map, guidance on how to get there and back, related points of interest and other key information you need to enjoy these rides. A certain amount of information is provided for free, additional premium information can be purchased for a small fee per ride.

Tours both self-guided and guided

Our ambassadors and independent cycling enthusiasts and commercial tour operators curate and design amazing cycling experiences for you to enjoy. Self-guided tours provide all the information you need to book and arrange that tour yourself, some self-guided tours can be hosted by one of our guides that are available for hire, or there could be a commercial version of the tour run by a tourist operator that will handle all the booking and logistics for you.

Skills training and coaching

Improving your skills as a new rider or taking your riding to the next level as a more experienced rider requires qualified coaches with experience and knowledge of cycling. You can use CycleLifeHQ to search for skills coaches and book their services through the website. If you are a qualified cycling instructor you can create your ow profile for your cycling business, find new clients, take payments and receive reviews from your customers for the services you deliver.

Hire a guide

Sometimes when you are travelling to a new destination you would like to meet new people that share your passion for cycling as well as have someone that knows the local area and can assist with getting to and from specific rides and hold the camera for you while you display that cheesey grin that is essential for your instagram feed. CyclelifeHQ allows experienced cyclists with deep knowledge of their local area to post their services as a amateur guide.

Bikes to rent

Got a spare bike sitting in the shed no doing anything, but don't really want to sell it. Get it working for you and list it on CycleLifeHQ allowing it to be rented by tourists coming to your area to your area. Not everyone that comes to a destination brings a bike with them, but they would like to try some of the rides and tours listed here on CycleLifeHQ. We are working towards group insurance coverage that will cover both the person renting out the bike and the person hiring the bike for any liabilities that might be associated with the equipment hired.

Points of Interest

CycleLifeHQ provides rich information about specific points of interest relevant to the rides and tours we have curated. This includes water, parking, cafes, shuttle and transport services, monuments and of course cycle friendly accomodation.

Who can join?

Anyone can join. But not everyone can stay necessarily. We will continually look over reviews and listings to ensure that the quality of the listings is maintained and constantly improved in order to maintain legitimacy, increase quality, and build trust in the community. We think CyclelifeHQ can be a global community, but we need your help to make sure the right folks are involved.

How do I create a listing? 

To become a provider on CyclelifeHQ you just need to sign-up and have a pay-pal account. Once you have signed-up, you contact us through the site and explain what type of listings you want to create and we then grant you access to post listings. We will help you through your first couple of listings to ensure that the quality of the listing is sufficient and you understand what is needed to complete a listing.

Any payments made by customers is also made by pay-pal with funds settled in your own pay-pal account.
  • firstly create a profile and update it with your seller details.
  • add your Stripe business account.
  • create your listings with complete data, great images and detailed route and mapping information
  • save your listings and publish and we will share with the community

What does an Ambassador do?


What is a CycleLifeHQ Ambassador?

A CycleLifeHQ ambassador is ...

  • Passionate about helping to showcase cycling in their area and making it better for everyone.  
  • Understands cycling in their area - how it works, what's great, who the players are and how it could be improved.
  • Willing to help identify, promote and improve the quality of cycling experiences in their area.

What do CycleLifeHQ Ambassador do?

  • Provide information on the type of cycling their area is (or should be!) known for, what are the key local cycling/visitor/tourist groups and businesses, what's working well and what could be enhanced.
  • Help to showcase awesome self-guided rides in your location
    • Identify 10-15 rides spanning the key types of rides (sightseeing, road riding and mountain biking).
    • Use the CycleLifeHQ platform to create these and publish these rides.  We have made this easy to do with a clear and tested instruction guide.  We also have a team to help you if you have difficulties.

Do You Get Paid?

Yes.  CycleLifeHQ provides a variety of ways to get paid for your effort and contribution.  Because each destination is different, we have developed a range of ways to recognise and reward you.  We will discuss these with you following an initial interview. 

How do you become a CycleLifeHQ Ambassador?

  • Self-identify interest and email / contact us at
  • We will ask you about your background and motivations.
  • We will forward you more detail.
  • If we're both happy we will sign you up .