Work with Us

Work with Us

Bicycle tourists stay longer and spend more. Ready to connect your business with some keen cyclists?


Why list with us?

Listing your business on the CycleLifeHQ platform means that cyclists can easily find you and you get more business.

We have a direct marketing channel to cycling enthusiasts the world over – from beginners to experts of all ages and interests. They’re looking for their next cycling experience and want to know where to go and what to do in your destination. We provide them the answer and connect the dots, bringing them to your door.

Visiting cyclists want to know the best places in your destination to stay, eat, drink, get mechanical services, rent a bike, and see and experience the best of what’s on offer. We connect them to you.

For accommodation providers, guided tour operators and others, transacting on the CycleLifeHQ platform is secure and easy. It provides cyclists with a seamless and integrated experience, making it easy and convenient for them. By listing on our platform, cyclists have confidence that they can trust your business through affiliation with us.

Our destination maps and ride listings show your proximity to the trails; and our destination landing pages prominently promote you when cyclists are researching their next bicycle adventures.

It’s free to list your business. Simply sign-up and then upgrade your settings to our basic business plan.

Our platform is great for the following types of businesses, at all different price points:

  • Accommodation providers – B and Bs, hotels, cabins, hostels, campgrounds and more
  • Cafes, Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries and other places to eat and drink
  • Bike stores and rentals, including bike share and hotel rentals
  • Guided tours
  • Event organisers
  • Shuttle and transport services

Create your profile

Upload a profile picture of either yourself, your business or your logo; and a short blurb about who you are.

Create a listing

Click the drop-down menu from your Avatar and select ‘create a listing’. Select the type of business you operate, and the site prompts will then guide you through everything you need to create a great listing. We’ve developed a reference article to help. As a minimum, you’ll need some inspiring images (min 400x600px and maximum 5MG), a description of your business and some basic details about opening times, bike friendly facilities and services you provide and a few other simple tick-boxes. 

It takes only around 15 minutes to create a listing. Once created, you have ongoing access to be able to edit, update and amend it as needed. 

By creating your own listing on the CycleLifeHQ platform, you get to choose how your business is presented:

  • Descriptive text to lure cyclists;
  • Your favourite images to portray your business in its best possible light
  • Cyclists can contact you directly through your business profile
  • For accommodation providers and tour operators – receive immediate bookings

We provide a QA review, contact you if there’s anything we think can be done to ensure SEO outcomes and search rankings, and then link it into the relevant destination page on our platform.

Connect your Stripe account

This is for businesses for whom bookings can be made online – accommodation, bike tours, bike rentals and others. Connecting your Stripe account means you can collect payment directly from the site. Users pay you directly and CycleLifeHQ retains a 10% commission on any bookings made through our platform.

Marketing and communications

Once you’ve created your listing, it becomes a part of our ongoing marketing direct to a niche audience of cycling enthusiasts. It is marketed by us via our online platform and mobile app; as well as any dedicated blogs, social media campaigns or posts and other strategic communications for your destination.

We also welcome request from businesses for specific promotions if we can help to jointly market specific campaigns, events, activities or sales you have. We provide preference to our business partners, and our ability to respond to special marketing requests is dependent on other marketing programs and initiatives we already have in place.

To ensure maximum exposure, make sure you link any of your social media posts to #CycleLifeHQ and/or @CycleLifeHQ so we can be sure to on-share to our cycling audience for you.

We inspire cyclists to visit your destination and your business.

We have social media sharing and review functionality and we provide you with a unique embed code allowing us both to cross-promote each other; ensuring maximum web and ultimately foot (ahem, tyre) traffic to your business.

We’re here to help

If at any stage you get stuck, just hit the chat box and we’ll respond promptly to your query and provide whatever assistance we can.

Business Guide to Bicycle Tourism Success

We've developed a Business Guide to Bicycle Tourism Success where we share our best tips and advice to help you understand what cyclists are looking for, and how you can better position to provide for them, increasing your economic activity and revenue. 

In this guide, we share our best tips and advice to help local businesses understand:

  • the economic value cyclists can bring;
  • their unique needs; 
  • how you can better position to attract and welcome more local cyclists and bicycle tourists; and
  • how to further increase your business revenue through this growing market segment.


Partner with us

It’s free!

By partnering with us you receive access to:

  • our bike friendly checklist to identify your current strengths and weaknesses;
    • we'll then provide you with a recommendation report containing easily implementable actions to attract more bicycle tourists;
  • regular industry insights and latest news to stay at the front of the game;
  • a reference guide with even more tips and tricks to create the best possible business listing;
  • a community of like-minded bicycle friendly businesses to share experiences, ask questions and connect;
  • special recognition as a CycleLifeHQ bicycle tourism business – online via your business listing and our directory of business partners, as well as a shopfront window sticker; and
  • list tours, events, services, points of interest, trip reports and other information on the CycleLifeHQ platform.

Our business partners offer an exclusive deal, of your choosing, for our Premium cyclists. We promote and push this offer on your behalf via our online platform, social media and mobile app.

Find out more: 

View our existing partner businesses here, and join the community.