Lake Woodford Trail

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This ride has recently been opened to the public and takes the rider on a loop around the beautiful Lake Woodford catchment area. Although the ride traverses a section of the lake foreshore, you are within a catchment area which means no access to the actual lake itself. So while there is no need to bring the boardies, pack a camera instead as there are some great views of the lake on offer. Technically simple the loop does involve some large climbs and steep descents and will be best enjoyed by fitter or more experienced riders.


Fire trail, with many large climbs and descents. Expect a creek crossing and short sections of poorly maintained bitumen.


Walkers, cyclists and occasional vehicles.


Car: From Sydney take the Great Western Highway, just after Hazelbrook station turn right into Winbourne Road. Follow Winbourne Road until it turns into an unsealed road and park anywhere here.

Train: Alight at Hazelbrook station, cross Great Western Highway into Winbourne Road and follow this.

Food and Drink

No food or drink available at the trail head. There are shops located at nearby Hazelbrook.

Side Trip

Walking trail to what can be a stunning waterfall.


More Details

Lake Woodford’s trails have only recently been opened to the general public and were previously not accessible to mountain bikers. All of the trails fall within a designated catchment area and access is limited to the trails only, and whilst it may be tempting, water is off limits. Numerous signs warn of this and the rather large fines you may expect if you stray from the trails. If your idea of a good ride is a fairly short scenic loop with a massive amount of climbing, then this is the ride for you. Shortly after leaving the trail head it points decidedly downwards with a fantastic high speed ‘bugs in the teeth’ run down to the dam some 400m below.

Unfortunately this same descent becomes a rather large climb out on your return journey. Once at the bottom there are fantastic views of Lake Woodford as you follow a well graded fire trail which initially contours the lake and then starts to climb away slowly. From here a large steady climb must be endured which eventually culminates at a fun ridge top traverse. Part way along this traverse there is an optional side trip along a walking track which leads to a waterfall lookout.

Eventually the ridge top trail descends back down to the dam on a lesser used fire trail complete with a creek crossing at the bottom. From here your steps are retraced and a long climb out must be endured. Fitter riders will find some of the climbs challenging but should be able to complete the ride without any problems. Riders lacking a little in the fitness department will end up doing a fair amount of pushing and will find the going a little frustrating as a result.

Lake Woodford’s trails are similar to most Blue Mountains trails with a sandy base and a loose rocky surface in places. A section of bitumen is also encountered on the climb out from the dam. Ample shade and protection from the elements make this ride suitable all year around.


Ride Log

  • 0.0 Park your car where Winbourne Rd turns to dirt and begin ride from here.
  • 0.8 Locked gate is reached. Note large sign with a map of the trails and information on the catchment area. Continue on around locked gate on fire trail. Trail will soon start to descend down to the lake.
  • 3.6 At the bottom of a large downhill run you reach an intersection with a bitumen road, turn right here and follow. This will soon take you past the dam wall and contour the edge of the dam itself and soon turns back to dirt.
  • 6.1 Cross a causeway with the creek on your right hand side, also the start of a large climb out from the dam on a section of bitumen.
  • 6.4 Just before a locked gate is reached note power lines overhead. Locate a track heading off to your left following powerlines.
  • 6.8 A Y-intersection is reached, take the left-hand branch. Ignore left option which heads uphill.
  • 7.4 Note the entrance to the Transit of Venus walking track
  • 7.5 Sign stating Edith and Noble Falls.
  • 7.6 Locked gate is reached, continue on around this and head downhill on the fire trail.
  • 7.8 Cross the Edith and Noble Falls walking track. The bike can be left here if you fancy a stroll to the falls.
  • 8.1 At the top of a steep climb with loose trail surface is an intersection with fire trail (Wellesley Rd), turn left and follow this.
  • 8.4 Turn right into the Wesley Powerline Access Road. It is a quick 600m each way and is worth it for the great views.
  • 9.0 Ignore trail off to your left with locked gate and continue on 30m where trail terminates. Return the way you have come to the junction of Wellesley Rd and Wesley Trail.
  • 9.6 Turn right back on to Wesley Trail.
  • 10.2 Take fire trail to your left heading downhill, trail becomes slightly overgrown towards bottom.
  • 11.2 Turn right back on to bitumen and retrace steps back to the car.
  • 17.0 End of ride.
  • Trail map

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    16.343 km / 10.155 mi

    Total Distance

    579 m / 1,898 ft

    Total Ascent

    579 m / 1,900 ft

    Total Descent

    615 m / 2,017 ft

    Highest Point

    Ride type:
    Mountain biking
    Road riding
    Kid friendly
    Rail Trail
    Difficulty: Easy (Blue)
    Ride Duration: 1-2 hrs
    Fitness Level: Low
    MTB Segment: flow
    Shared Bike Path - Paved
    Shared Bike Path - Dirt
    On-Road Bike Lane
    Off-Road - Fire Trail
    Off-Road - Rail Trail
    Off-Road - Single Track
    Off-Road - Downhill
    Mobile Coverage: Limited
    Estimated Distance: 17.0
    Elevation Gain: 864
    First Aid
    Bike hire
    Bike servicing
    Accessible by bike
    Accessible by car
    Accessible by public transport
    Accessible by shuttle / uber
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