East Portland Loop Ride

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The bike ride through east Portland brings you to the edge of the city and loops around via several bike paths that are wide and well-maintained. You’ll experience the ever-popular Springwater Corridor, the Gresham/Fairview Trail, as well as the heart-thumping I-84 bike path on your return. In between are quiet neighborhoods and lots of scenery.


Smooth, well-maintained streets and pathways.


Urban and suburban, low to moderate traffic; bike paths with intersections; over half the distance is on bike and pedestrian paths.


By car, take Naito Parkway to the Steel Bridge east to NE Oregon Street; left onto NE First Avenue, left onto Multnomah Street, left onto NE Wheeler Avenue. On-street parking. By public transportation, take TriMet MAX Red, Blue or Green lines to the Rose Quarter.

Food and Drink

Restrooms and drinking fountains along the Eastbank Esplanade near the Hawthorne Bridge, at the Jackson Bottom trailhead, and at Linneman station across from Club Paesano Cedarville Park. Coffee shop at the corner of the Rose Quarter MAX Transit station.

Side Trips

Oaks Amusement Park and Roller Rink, Oaks Bottom trail, downtown Sellwood for antiques shopping, Leach Botanical Gardens, Beggar Tick Wildlife Refuge, Club Paesano Cedarville Park has a playground and picnic tables.


More Details

Begin by bike riding along the Willamette River on the East Esplanade, a portion of which floats on the river. Just beyond OMSI, you’ll bike ride through an industrial area to find the popular Springwater Corridor. You may have to take some sections slowly due to the heavy traffic. After bike riding through the Sellwood neighborhood, the Goodwill Donation Center will be directly across the street in front of you as you make the left to remain on the trail.

After a short distance you will travel through the Johnson Creek Watershed and Mount Hood will be framed for you by the bike path and the trees. There are several streets to cross but doing so via the pedestrian walk lights make them worry-free. In Gresham, several of the street crossings have bike/ pedestrian crossings and have a loud audio announcement, but no lights for cyclists indicating it is time to cross. You’ll bike ride past the TriMet car barn, cross the tracks and ride a short distance on the street before picking up the trail again. The path will end at NE 201st Avenue. Here you will pick up the I-84 bike path halfway down the hill.

Once riding alongside the highway you’ll see a sign “Entering Gresham.” Don’t be confused! You are heading back to Portland. From this point on, the bike ride becomes less scenic as you travel parallel to the busy highway and then onto Halsey Street. Once past these areas, you are able to slip through residential neighborhoods, making the trip much more appealing as you return to Portland.


Ride Log

  • 0.0 Begin at Rose Quarter TriMet MAX station. Left onto NE Wheeler St.
  • 0.1 Left onto NE Interstate Ave; cross at light to opposite sidewalk downhill to iron fence; right to cross bridge; left at bottom of switchbacks onto Eastbank Esplanade.
  • 1.8 Left onto SE Caruthers St cul-de-sac.
  • 2.0 Right onto SE Fourth Ave to Springwater Corridor gateway.
  • 5.1 Left onto SE Spokane St.
  • 5.9 Right on SE 19th Ave.
  • 6.3 Left through concrete barriers onto trail toward Gresham.
  • 16.0 Left onto Gresham/Fairview Trail at SW 10th St (unfinished street); right to continue on trail.
  • 17.9 Left across Tri Met tracks at SE 222nd Ave on sidewalk; left onto Burnside St; ride half block to pedestrian crossing; trail is on right.
  • 19.3 Cross NE Halsey St to continue straight onto NE 201st Ave; following signs for I-84 bike path.
  • 19.9 Left onto access path. Left onto I-84 bike path.
  • 21.0 Left via sidewalk; right to cross NE 181st Ave.
  • 21.1 Left onto NE 181st Ave.
  • 21.2 Right at second traffic light onto I-84 bike path.
  • 24.2 Left onto NE 122nd Ave.
  • 24.6 Right onto NE Sacramento St.
  • 25.2 Left on NE 108th Ave.
  • 25.6 Right onto NE Weidler St.
  • 26.1 Left on 100th Ave at shopping center through S curve.
  • 26.4 Right onto NE Pacific Ave; enter TriMet MAX station; follow “Bus Only” (bikes are allowed) toward fence; cross tracks; left onto bike path.
  • 26.7 Left onto NE Glisan St over bridge; right after bridge onto bike path. Dangerous street crossing.
  • 27.0 Right onto E Burnside St, then right onto NE 71st.
  • 28.4 Left onto NE Davis St
  • 29.0 Right onto NE 58th Ave, then left onto NE Everett St.
  • 29.6 Left onto NE 47th Ave, then right onto NE Davis St.
  • 29.9 Left onto NE 41st Ave, then right onto NE Couch St.
  • 30.6 Right onto NE 30th Ave.
  • 30.8 Left onto NE Glisan St.
  • 31.2 Right onto NE 24th Ave, then left onto NE Oregon St.
  • 31.5 Right onto NE 21st Ave.
  • 31.7 Left onto NE Multnomah St.
  • 32.7 Return to TriMet Rose Quarter station. End ride.
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    51.722 km / 32.139 mi

    Total Distance

    274 m / 901 ft

    Total Ascent

    270 m / 885 ft

    Total Descent

    92 m / 302 ft

    Highest Point

    Ride type:
    Mountain biking
    Road riding
    Kid friendly
    Rail Trail
    Difficulty: Intermediate (Red)
    Ride Duration: 1-2 hrs
    Fitness Level: Medium
    Shared Bike Path - Paved
    Shared Bike Path - Dirt
    On-Road Bike Lane
    Off-Road - Fire Trail
    Off-Road - Rail Trail
    Off-Road - Single Track
    Off-Road - Downhill
    Mobile Coverage: Excellent
    Estimated Distance: 32.7
    Elevation Gain: 1170
    First Aid
    Bike hire
    Bike servicing
    Accessible by bike
    Accessible by car
    Accessible by public transport
    Accessible by shuttle / uber
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