Ockehocking Hills

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This is a great bike ride to test your endurance and get your heart pumping. You’ll cycle all over scenic Delaware County, and, in one of the most beautiful bike rides, take in sweeping views of horse country at every turn. There is also the option to shorten the ride if you just want a taste.


Welcome to the hilliest ride in Where to Bike: Philadelphia! This one’s beaut; all on road and one up and down after another.


Traffic out here is fairly light, though you’ll have to deal with a couple of big intersections (especially around Route 3 and 252).


The ride log starts at Church of our Savior in Wayne, located at 651 N Wayne Avenue. There’s a huge parking lot here, so driving is a good bet. The train is also an option – the Paoli/Thorndale Septa line will drop you a few blocks away at Wayne station.

Food and Drink

Wayne is full of places to have a bite before or after your trip, but stops along the route itself are few and far between.

Side Trip

You’ll pass the Okehocking Preserve, on West Chester Pike, about half way through this ride. It is a 180 acre open-space reserve; the perfect place to stop to stretch your legs and have a summer picnic.


More Details

The bike ride begins in Wayne, very near to the downtown district along Lancaster Avenue. There are oodles of restaurants here to grab a bite before or after your trip, and lots of lovely shops too. If you take the train here, head up North Wayne Avenue from Lancaster Avenue to navigate your way to the starting point. For the first few miles, you’ll be bike riding along streets that are shady and curvy. A few have very tight shoulders, including Upper Gulph Road and West Valley Road.

These roads will take you out to rather quiet residential streets like Bodine, Cypress, and Greene. Around mile eight, you’ll cross Lancaster Avenue and pass the Daylesford train station in the event of pooped-out-I-want-to-go-home syndrome. If you are still trucking, you’ll soon pass Historic Waynesboro, and then, to your great pleasure, you will be in the heart of horse country. Warren Avenue, Providence Road, and Sugartown Road provide you with long stretches of rolling hills and drop dead gorgeous scenery. If you wish to cut the bike ride short, simply make at left on Providence Road, rather than a right, at mile 12.7. Then pick up the ride by making a left on Barr Road off of Providence.

You’ll eliminate the bottom 10 mile loop and still have a nice 22 mile ride on your hands. If you’re down for the full 32 miles, you’ll pass the Okehocking Preserve at the corner of Delchester Road and Route 3/West Chester Pike. Be sure to use caution at this intersection! As you continue along Delchester, you’ll bike ride adjacent to Ridley Creek State Park. Hop on over to add a few additional miles. Soon you’ll begin to head back towards Wayne on very similar roads – hilly, shady, and with horses. Lovely. 


Ride Log

  • 0.0 Start at the church and make a left on RadnorStreet Rd.
  • 0.9 Right at Croton Rd.
  • 1.1 Left on DeWhitt Rd (caution here).
  • 1.2 Right on General Washington Rd.
  • 1.4 Left at Pugh Rd.
  • 3.4 Right on Valley Forge Rd, and a quick left on Devon Rd.
  • 3.6 Right on Berwyn-Baptist Rd.
  • 3.7 Right on Devonshire Rd.
  • 4.2 Right on Contention Ln.
  • 4.5 Left on Westwind.
  • 5.3 Left on Cassatt Rd.
  • 5.5 Right on Cloverly.
  • 5.9 Right on Howelville at the T, and then the first left at Bodine Rd.
  • 6.4 Left on Cypress.
  • 6.5 Right on Green Rd.
  • 7.1 Left at Irish Rd
  • 7.5 Right at Conestoga Rd, then an immediate right on Old Lancaster Rd.
  • 8.1 Cross Lancaster Ave at the light to stay on Glenn Ave.
  • 8.3 Right on Berwyn – Paoli Rd.
  • 8.7 Left on Sugartown Rd, and a quick right on Waynesboro (first right).
  • 9.0 Cross Rt 252/Darby-Paoli Rd.
  • 10.1 Left on Grubbs Rd .
  • 10.7 Right on Jaffrey Rd.
  • 11.5 Left on Warren Ave.
  • 12.7 Right on Providence Rd.
  • 13.7 Left on Sugartown Rd at the T.
  • 14.8 Left on Goshen Rd.
  • 15.1 Right on Delchester Rd.
  • 16.5 Cross Rt 3/ West Chester Pk.
  • 17.1 Right on Stackhouse Mill Rd.
  • 18.3 Right on Valley Rd at the T.
  • 18.8 Right on Street Rd.
  • 19.2 Cross West Chester Pike/Rt 3. You’ll be on Garrett Mill Rd.
  • 20.6 Right on Goshen Rd at the T.
  • 20.7 Left on Sugartown Rd.
  • 21.9 Right on Providence Rd.
  • 22.9 Cross Warren Ave.
  • 23.8 Left on Barr Rd.
  • 24.5 Left on Grubbs Mill Rd, and a quick right onto Whitehorse Rd.
  • 25.7 Left on Wayland.
  • 26.5 Left on Rt 252/Darby-Paoli Pike.
  • 27.1 Right on Beaumont Rd.
  • 28.3 Right on Church Rd.
  • 28.7 Left on Ladderback Rd.
  • 29.2 Right on S Valley Forge Rd.
  • 29.3 Left on Maplewood Rd.
  • 29.5 Left on West Wayne Ave.
  • 30.6 Right on Bloomingdale Ave.
  • 30.8 Left on Runnymeade Ave.
  • 31.0 Left on S Wayne Ave. Cross Rt 30, and Eagle Rd. Church is ¼ mile past Eagle Rd.
  • 32.0 Church on the right.
  • Trail map

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    50.847 km / 31.595 mi

    Total Distance

    697 m / 2,286 ft

    Total Ascent

    696 m / 2,285 ft

    Total Descent

    166 m / 545 ft

    Highest Point

    Ride type:
    Mountain biking
    Road riding
    Kid friendly
    Rail Trail
    Difficulty: Advanced (Black)
    Ride Duration: 2-4 hrs
    Fitness Level: High
    Shared Bike Path - Paved
    Shared Bike Path - Dirt
    On-Road Bike Lane
    Off-Road - Fire Trail
    Off-Road - Rail Trail
    Off-Road - Single Track
    Off-Road - Downhill
    Trail Signage: Good
    Mobile Coverage: Excellent
    Estimated Distance: 32.0
    Elevation Gain: 571
    First Aid
    Bike hire
    Bike servicing
    Accessible by bike
    Accessible by car
    Accessible by public transport
    Accessible by shuttle / uber
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