Windber Hotel

154Taps, 130 Bottles We love our beer at the Windber Hotel and we take it seriously, but not too seriously, it is beer after all. And since we love America so damn much, we focus on the fine, craft brewed beer produced right here on our soil. We rotate 12 of our 14 taps year round to feature seasonal selections, hard to find beers and year round favorites. Our staff always try to ensure that there is a beer on draft to fit your palate. And just in case, we keep about 130 bottled selections on hand, comprising a well-rounded beer spread complimented by seasonal offerings, limited batch releases and beers new to the market. Oh, and just to show we aren't resting on our laurels, we've started a cellaring program, aging hand-selected beers in the dark, cool confines of our basement beer vault. The beers selected all have the propensity to age and improve in the bottle and we'll break them out from time to time to reward our patrons.
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