Gold Prospecting

Gold Prospecting

It is the lure of finding a big nugget that still attracts gold prospectors to the area today. 

With prospecting permitted in Regional Parks, State Forests and other reserves throughout the region, there are literally thousands of hectares of public land where you can fossick for gold. To view some of these areas go to

Most bush tracks leading to gold diggings in the district are accessible to two wheel drive vehicles most of the year. 

You must obtain a Miner's Right, a licence that allows you to search for gold and minerals on Crown land. They are available from the Wedderburn Pioneer Caravan Park, online at Miners Rights or a number of outlets across the region.

Please remember to fill in any holes that you dig while fossicking in local forests. 

If you wish to prospect on private land you must first obtain permission of the landowner. 

For further information contact the Loddon Visitor Information Centre on (03) 5494 3489.

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