Piazza Eolie

Piazza Eolie - Nola Diamentopolous

The fishing boat sculpture is created to represent the journey of the Eolian community to Australia, and its elements are inspired by Eolian folk law and traditions.  

It tells one of the miracle stories of St Bartholomew, the patron saint chosen by the Eolian’s from the Isle of Lipari. Once, on a St Bartholemew’s feast day, the islanders were carrying the statue of their saint through the town. Suddenly, the statue felt heavier, so heavy the men were forced to put it down. They only made it a few steps further before it was again too heavy to carry. On the third attempt, the men could barely lift it and were  unable to move it forward. At that moment, further downhill a wall collapsed. If the statue had been able to be lifted, all the townspeople would have been killed.  

The boat sculpture is symbolic of the mystery of a journey that, sooner or later, reveals its purpose. This boat is gently tilted on its side, suggesting that the landing in Australia was purposeful and that the Eolian community were destined to be here to the enrichment of the Australian culture.  

Cyclist Friendly Features:
Secure bike parking
Undercover Bike Parking
Change Rooms
Bathroom / Toilet
Hair Dryer
Water refills
Ironing Board
Bag storage
Bike pumps (Schrader&Presta)
Basic tool kit
Free wifi
Details of local bike routes
Details of bike hire locations
Food fuel - portable, healthy packaged snacks for purchase
Complimentary bike locks
Bike rider discounts
Website: http://arts862.wixsite.com/canadabaypublicart-?lightbox=image1b2g
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