Celebrate Art in Tucson, Arizona - Walking and Riding

Celebrate Art in Tucson, Arizona

Walking and Riding Tour

The Wall Street Journal once referred to Tucson as a "mini mecca for the arts" - a city that supports more quality performing arts groups than some twice its size, plus we have exceptional museums, inspiring galleries, and an invigorating line-up of festivals. If you would like to get more hands-on to make your own masterpiece, that's available here as well. Pedalling the Art ride, you'll certainly find something culturally oriented in Tucson to your liking.

Just enjoy a tour with about 30 artworks in and around downtown Tucson accessible from The Loop:

1. Día de los Muertos Frida & Diego (Mural Rock Martinez) – S. Ave. del Palo Fierro & W. Calle de Los Higos

2. Luis G. Gutierrez Bridge (Structural Grace Inc) – Cushing Street

3. Coronado & the Cities of Gold (Luis Mena) – 181 W. Broadway Blvd.

4. Tucson Water Building Mural (Rock Martinez) – 310 W. Alameda St.

5. The Bike Church (Joe O'connell and Blessing Hancock) - Granada Ave. & Davis St. 

6. Harboring Beauty Mural (Joe Pagac) – 191 E. Toole Ave.

7. El Jefe Mural (Kati Astraeir) – E. Toole & N. Seventh Ave.S

8. Borderlands Mural (Joe Pagac) – 119 E. Toole Ave.

9. Goddess of Agave (Rock Martinez) – 440 N. 7th Ave.

10. Epic Rides Bicycle Mural (Joe Pagac) – 534 N. Stone Ave.

11. Greetings from Tucson Mural (Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs) – 406 N. 6th Ave.

12. Diamondback Bridge (Simon Donovan) – Broadway Blvd. east of downtown

13. Basket Bridge (Rosemary Apple Blossom Lonewolf) – Euclid Ave. south of Broadway Blvd.

14. 4th Ave Bridge & Underpass – 4th Ave. & Congress St.

15. Interconnectivity mural (Niki Glen) – N. 5th Ave. & N. Toole Ave.

16. Creation Story, Chaos Theory & Quantum Memory (To-Ree-Nee Wolf Keiser) – 213 E. Broadway Blvd.

17. Bill Walton Riding a Jackalope (Ignacio Garcia) – Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St.

18. On the Wings of Music Discover Salvation (Salvador Duran) – Rialto Theatre, 328 E. Congress St.

19. Prince Mural (Joe Pagac) – Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St.

20. Rotating Mural (Joe Pagac & others) – Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St.

21. Vergiss (Fin D.A.C) – 178 E. Broadway Blvd.

22. Mural of Salvador Duran – 111 S. Sixth Ave.

23. Latino Culture Celebration (Luis Mena) – 142 E. Pennington St.

24. Café 54 Mural (Rachel Slick, Tim Schirack & Alexandra Gjurasic) – 54 E. Pennington St.

25. Juicy (Isaac Caruso) – 9 N. Scott Ave.

26. Toby the Griffin (Joe O’Connell) – S.Scott Ave. & E. Ochoa St.

27. San Augustine Gazebo – S. Stone Ave. & E. Corral St.

28. Ben’s Bells Kindness Monument (Sponsored by the Kresge Foundation) – 1 S. Church Ave.

29. La Pilita Mural (Martin Moreno) – 420 S. Main Ave.

30. El Parque de San Cosme Mural (Luis Mena) – 496 W. Cushing St.


Start and end at the intersection of W. Congress St. and the N. Bonita Ave, the ride is covered with plenty beautiful and impressive masterpieces. If you are a biker who loves art, Tucson is your new home.

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