Luis G. Gutierrez Bridge

Luis G. Gutierrez Bridge (Structural Grace Inc)

The Luis G. Gutierrez-Cushing Street Bridge celebrates the reunification, both socially and physically, of Tucson’s west side communities and downtown area. This iconic structure, which is the first multi-modal (modern streetcar, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian) public works project in Arizona, creates a destination and attraction as well as a critical linkage for parts of Tucson that were previously isolated.

Complex architectural and artistic features are incorporated including steps from the deck sidewalks to the multi-use path below at all four corners of the bridge; bridge, step and wall railings made of pre-cast concrete and designed to replicate historic balusters; design, fabrication and erection of structural shade canopies over the promenades; and the incorporation of 12 local historically significant events in the shade structures and sidewalk deck creating an interactive experience for the visitor.

Cyclist Friendly Features:
Secure bike parking
Undercover Bike Parking
Change Rooms
Bathroom / Toilet
Hair Dryer
Water refills
Ironing Board
Bag storage
Bike pumps (Schrader&Presta)
Basic tool kit
Free wifi
Details of local bike routes
Details of bike hire locations
Food fuel - portable, healthy packaged snacks for purchase
Complimentary bike locks
Bike rider discounts
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