Dargo The General Store

Dargo General Store was first established in 1923.  There were a number of stores in Dargo prior to the turn of the centry.  The current store came into being after the Court House closed.  Since that time the store has seen many different owners, each of whom introduced their own style and influence.

We (Bruce Atherton & Sue Neale) purchased the Dargo General Store in 2012, and we have also added our own touches.  Being outdoors type of people, we have added and camping and outdoor showroom which provides a wide range of hunting, camping and outdoor products.

The store has been well-known for its famous hamburger with the lot and its wonderful coffee for a number of years. These remain unchanged, much to the relief of the store's regular customers. The menu however, has expanded slightly.

Cyclist Friendly Features:
Secure bike parking
Undercover Bike Parking
Change Rooms
Bathroom / Toilet
Hair Dryer
Water refills
Ironing Board
Bag storage
Bike pumps (Schrader&Presta)
Basic tool kit
Free wifi
Details of local bike routes
Details of bike hire locations
Food fuel - portable, healthy packaged snacks for purchase
Complimentary bike locks
Bike rider discounts
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