Mahnomen: Skills Loop & Intro to Galloping Goose

To see the ride route map and elevation please scroll to the bottom of this page. Trail Ride Overview:

This 1.7 mile loop builds upon the 0.1 mile mountain biking loop within the Miner's Mountain Rally Center parking lot by adding the first two short segments of the Galloping Goose singletrack (formerly known as Easy Street) to the mountain trail biking experience.

After you exit the second section of the Galloping Goose singletrack trail you will be able to turn right on the Cuyuna Lakes State Paved Trail to return to the Rally Center parking lot, or to session the first two segments of Galloping Goose from the beginning. The beginner bike skills area and these two sections of singletrack are a wonderful introduction to the sport of mountain biking for both children and new cylists.

It's recommended if a mountain biker is having difficulty safely advancing on these trails, to continue sessioning (repeating) this trail segment before advancing to the more-advanced segments of the Galloping Goose singletrack trail. (Starting with the third section of the Galloping Goose trail the skill requirement is higher, it is recommended for a more-skilled cyclist to ride the third section first to assess the ability of their ride group.)

The loop starts and finishes in the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area (CCSRA) Miner's Mountain Rally Center. A Minnesota State Park vehicle permit is required to park a car or truck in this area.

Prior to parking within the Miner's Mountain Rally Center stop and purchase a State Park Vehicle Permit at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Office at 307 3rd Street, Ironton, MN 56455 or call 218-546-5926 to confirm their open office hours.


Once your State Park permit is in hand, simply drive a few blocks north on HWY 30/Irene Avenue in Ironton. The entrance to the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area will be to your left after you drive past the last stop sign within the city of Ironton. The entrance to the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area is super close to town, but it's kind of easy to miss the entrance as well.


On-Trail Navigation:

  • For on-trail navigation click "LOCATE ME" on the map (Below) on your smart phone. Location services must be turned on via your web browser and your cell phone coverage must be adequate. Additionally, for GARMIN users please download the GPX file (right hand column on this page) and upload it to your GARMIN device. Then load this route on your GARMIN prior to mountain biking.

    Trail Conditions:

    • For trail conditions visit the MN DNR's website— Keep in mind the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources does not update their trail conditions daily, just when trails are open, or temporarily closed due to conditions or maintenance.


      • To make a donation to the ongoing annual maintenance of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails, please visit the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew (CREW), a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association's website at


        • To jon the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew in their annual trail maintenance please fill out this short form by clicking The CREW will get in contact with you. Thank you!


          • To join the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew and IMBA as a member, please visit their website.

            Responsible riding: International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Rules of the Trail


            Respect the landscape

            • Respect your local trail builders and be a good steward of the physical environment. Keep singletrack single by staying on the trail. Practice Leave No Trace Principles. Do not ride muddy trails because it causes rutting, widening and maintenance headaches. Ride through standing water, not around it. Ride (or walk) technical features, not around them.


            Share the trail

            • Most of the trails we ride are multi-use. Mountain bikers yield to foot traffic, and descending cyclists yield to climbing cyclists. Be nice. Say hi.

              Ride open, legal trails

              • Poaching trails, building illegal singletrack or adding unauthorized trail features are detrimental to our access of the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. Poorly-built features could also seriously injure other trail users. If you believe there aren’t enough trails or variety near you, it's time to get involved. Your engagement will be welcomed because it takes a village to create, enhance and protect great places to ride. Please visit the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew's website.

                Ride in control

                • Speed, inattentiveness and rudeness are the primary sources of trail conflict among user groups. If you need to pass, slow down, ring a bell or verbally announce yourself, and wait until the other trail user is out of the path. Be extra aware when riding trails with poor sight lines and blind corners, and make sure you can hear what's going on around you by not wearing personal earphones when mountain biking or trail running.

                  Plan ahead

                  • Be prepared and self-sufficient. Every mountain biker should carry what they need for the ride they're undertaking, and know how to fix a flat tire and make minor repairs. Download a GPS trail app on your phone for navigation or carry a map in unfamiliar locations. Ride with a partner or share your riding plan with someone if you’re heading out solo.

                    Mind the animals

                    • When it comes to wildlife, live and let live. If you encounter wildlife, please let the wildlife be, and remain exactly where it was found.


                      • If you want to ride with your dog, they must be on leash no longer than six feet in length. Be prepared to take care of your dog. Ensure your companion is obedient enough to not cause problems for you, other trail users or wild animals.

                        Helpful tips from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


                        The Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm

                        • Mountain bike trail closures will be posted on the CCSRA website and at obvious locations in the field.
                        • When rain results in wet or soft trail conditions, the trails will be immediately closed to all users until conditions improve. Please contact the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area office for up-to-date information at 218-546-5926 or visit 307 3rd Street, Ironton, MN 56455 or visit the MN DNR Cuyuna Country State Recreation website.
                        • Wet, soft or muddy trails are closed trails. Muddy bikes or footwear are indications of closed trails.
                        • Trails are closed during rain. Trails can typically be ridden a few hours after the rain has stopped.
                        • Check weather forecast for Ironton (zip 56455) before you travel.
                        • Any activity that causes trail damage to the single-track mountain bicycling trails by foot or bike is prohibited.
                        • The Sagamore Unit trails do not close under wet weather conditions.

                          Mountain Biking Safety Tips:

                          • There are inherent risks to mountain biking, ride at your own risk.
                          • Test the fit and function of your equipment before each ride.
                          • Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.
                          • Wear bright-colored clothing so others can see you.
                          • Obey all rules and signs.
                          • Ride with a friend to promote fun and safety.
                          • Always yield the trail.
                          • Let others know you are coming.
                          • Be aware of your surroundings and other trail users.
                          • Ride to your ability and in control at all times.
                          • Do not ride on soft or wet trails.
                          • Ride open trails only.


                            • Mountain bike trails include loose and slippery surfaces.
                            • Proceed carefully as rocks and trees frequently fall, and are commonly encountered on the mountain bike trails.
                            • Extreme caution should be used on the mountain bike trails at all times!
                            • In winter cycling, there is no such thing as “safe ice,” and ice seldomly freezes uniformly.

                              Emergency Response:

                              • If you have an emergency, call 911, and provide the dispatcher with the following:
                              • Description of the emergency.
                              • Numbers on the nearest emergency GPS location marker.
                              • Name of the trail you are on.

                                Prohibited uses within the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area:

                                • Remote camping.
                                • Consuming or displaying intoxicating liquors.
                                • Building or maintaining a fire except in a fire ring at the Portsmouth Campground.
                                • Target and trap shooting.
                                • Horse riding on the mountain biking trail.
                                • Pets must be personally attended to at all times.
                                • Pets must be on a leash no longer than six feet in length.
                                • Any activity that damages the trails by foot or bike.

                                  The guidance on this website is for reference only and should not be interpreted as a standard, specification or regulation. Mountain biking and bicycling on gravel or paved roads are inherently risky and could result in injury or death.

                                  Trail map

                                  Locate Me
                                  Get Directions

                                  2.739 km / 1.702 mi

                                  Total Distance

                                  24 m / 79 ft

                                  Total Ascent

                                  24 m / 79 ft

                                  Total Descent

                                  380 m / 1,247 ft

                                  Highest Point

                                  Ride type:
                                  Mountain biking
                                  Road riding
                                  Rail Trail
                                  EPIC Ride
                                  Difficulty: Beginner (Green)
                                  Ride Duration: Various
                                  Fitness Level: Low
                                  MTB Segment: cross country
                                  Shared Bike Path - Paved
                                  Shared Bike Path - Dirt
                                  On-Road Bike Lane
                                  Off-Road - Fire Trail
                                  Off-Road - Rail Trail
                                  Off-Road - Single Track
                                  Off-Road - Downhill
                                  Gravel Road
                                  Trail Signage: Average
                                  Mobile Coverage: Limited
                                  First Aid
                                  Bike hire
                                  Bike servicing
                                  Accessible by bike
                                  Accessible by car
                                  Accessible by public transport
                                  Accessible by shuttle
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